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Subject Pronouns Exercise

Printable/Online Subject Pronouns Exercises with answers- I / You / He / She / It / We / You / They

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Causative Worksheet 3 - Have/Get Something Done

Get/Have something Done - Get someone To Do something - Have/Let/Make someone Do something fill in exercise with answers and video

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Causative Verbs Exercises 1 - GrammarBank

Printable / Online Causatives Exercises with Answers-- Have / Make someone do something OR Get someone to do something OR Have something done

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Since vs For Exercises

SINCE vs FOR exercises with answers online - Complete the sentences by using for or since.

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CAN / CAN'T Exercises 2 – GrammarBank Worksheet

Complete the following sentences using can or cannot.

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Verb to Be - Am / Is / Are Exercise 2

Printable verb to be exercises 2 - Choose AM / IS / ARE Present tense

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Reported Speech Yes/No Questions

Indirect speech for Yes/No questions exercise - Convert Yes/No questions into indirect speech statements

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Reported Speech Imperatives Exercise

Reported speech imperatives exercise with answers-- Change the commands/imperatives from direct to indirect speech.

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Reported Speech Examples - GrammarBank

Both direct speech and reported speech forms of the same sentences to practice-- Try converting from direct to indirect speech.

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Present Perfect Passive - GrammarBank

Forming Present Perfect Passive-- have / has + been + verb3 (past participle)... Details, examples and exercises

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Plural Forms Exercise - GrammarBank

Plural forms of nouns exercise with answers-- Decide whether the provided plural forms (regular and irregular) are correct.

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Simple Past Tense Regular Exercise – GrammarBank

Printable and online simple past tense regular verbs worksheet with answers for students and teachers. (Beginners Level)

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Indefinite Pronouns Worksheet With Answers 1

Nobody / Anybody / Someone / Something / Anything / Nothing... Printable Indefinite Pronouns Worksheet online teachers and students

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Indefinite Articles A / AN - GrammarBank

When to use 'a' and when to use 'an' indefinite articles rules with examples and exercises

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To Be In Past Tense - GrammarBank

Learn the use of verb "To Be" in Simple Past Tense and practice "was - were" with exercises.

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Was vs Were Exercise 1 - GrammarBank

Complete the sentences with the past form of the verb to be (Was / Were) exercise 1 wit hanswers

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Perfect Tenses Mixed Exercise - GrammarBank

Printable mixed perfect tenses exercise with answers - Complete sentences with simple perfect, future perfect, past perfect, perfect continuous...

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Simple Present 3rd Person Singular Exercise

Simple present third person singular, positive / negative / question forms exercise with answers

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Present Simple vs Present Progressive Exercise

Beginners Present Simple vs Present Progressive tense exercise with selections-- Choose the correct tense

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Present Continuous vs Present Simple Worksheet 2

Printable and Online Present simple vs present continuous tense exercise - Fill in the blanks with progressive or present simple tense

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Passive Voice With Modals

May, must, can, could ought to, should, have to, has to... + be + verb3 + (past participle) is how passive voice with modals formed.

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Present Continuous Passive - GrammarBank

We use am / is / are + being + verb3 (past participle) to form present continuous passive. Forming passive with explanations, examples and exercises

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Simple Present Tense Exercise

Simple present tense mixed exercises with answers to learn the most basic verb tense of the English language

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Ever & Never & Just & Already & Yet - GrammarBank

We often use ever, never, just, already, and yet with the present perfect tense. See details with examples and exercises

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Simple Past Passive - GrammarBank

Was / were + verb3 (past participle) forms simple past passive voice affirmative sentence. Formation, examples and exercises for past tense passives online

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WH Question Words Exercises 2 - GrammarBank

WH Questions Who, What, When, Where, Whose, Why...Choose the correct question words for the exercise 2

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WH Questions Exercises 1 - GrammarBank

The interrogatives-- Who, Which, What, Where, etc WH question words exercises with answers 1

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Verb To Be - Am Is Are - GrammarBank

Verb to be, AM / IS / ARE present tense in affirmative form, question form, negative and negative questions forms table with examples and an exercise

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Beginners Reading Passage 2 - GrammarBank

Beginners level short story completion for ESL students-- Complete the readings by filling in the blanks with correct the options.

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Beginners Reading Worksheet - GrammarBank

Elementary level short passage for beginners-- Fill in the blanks to complete the reading paragraph for this exercise

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Pronouns Exercises - GrammarBank

Printable and online pronouns exercises with answers for teachers and students. Worksheets on personal, reflexive, indefinite, relative, possessive pronouns

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Adjectives / Adverbs Exercises with Answers

Numerous printable adjectives and adverbs exercises for teachers and students-- good vs well, ing and ed forms, mixed

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Question Tags Exercises - GrammarBank

Printable online question tags exercises with answers for ESL students and teachers

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Quantifiers Exercises 1 - GrammarBank

Choose much/many, some/any, a few/few/a little/little, a lot of, lots of, amount of, number of.... Online and printable quantifiers exercises

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CAN / CAN'T Exercises – GrammarBank Worksheet

Simple can vs cannot exercise, fill in the blanks, complete the following sentences using can or can't.

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Present Continuous Tense Exercises 1

Printable and online practice present continuous tense exercises with answers. Positive, negative and question forms

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Simple Past Tense Exercises - GrammarBank

Practice verb tenses online - Simple past tense exercises with answers for students and teachers

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Prepositions Exercises - GrammarBank

Printable and online Prepositions Exercises with answers for ESL / EFL teachers and students. At, in, on, from, for, to...

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If Clauses Exercises - GrammarBank

Printable and online If Clauses worksheets with answers: real / unreal, past, present, future, first, second and third conditionals

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A / An / The Worksheets - GrammarBank

Printable and online articles exercises-- Fill in the blanks with A, AN, THE articles or put x for nothing.

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Present Continuous Tense Exercises 2

Practice present continuous tense with printable and online exercises with answers. Positive, negative and question forms

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Conjunctions Exercises Online

English conjunctions exercises with answers free online at GrammarBank. Now that although because while nor otherwise thus nonetheless because of therefore.. Many worksheets for students and teachers

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Printable English Worksheets For Teachers

Download or print free PDF English teaching handouts, classroom activities and homework material for teachers.

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As As / Such That / So That - GrammarBank

As....As, Such....That, So....That, Such....As grammar rules printable and online practice exercises with answers

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Libros de Inglés PDF - GrammarBank

Libros electrónicos de Inglés en PDF para profesores y estudiantes-- Hojas de trabajo de gramática-- Nivel principiante a intermedio (A1-B1) y respuestas

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ESL Grammar eBooks - GrammarBank


Download and Print Instantly- Beginners to intermediate level grammar eBooks, children's English activities eBooks for ESL and through 6th grade

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Present Continuous Statement Form

Present continuous tense statement form exercise with answers, online printable worksheet for students and teachers

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Relative Pronouns Exercises 2 - GrammarBank

Relative pronouns exercises 2-- Choose from Who, Whom, Whose, Where, That, Which...

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Mixed Verb Tenses Exercise - GrammarBank

Practice verb tenses with mixed verb tenses exercise with answers. Progressive tenses, perfect tenses, simple tenses...

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