Little A Little Few A Few Exercise

Complete the sentences with A LITTLE, LITTLE, FEW, A FEW.
1. Let's go to the movies. I have ---- money.

2. I'm sorry, I can't pay for your lunch. I have ---- money.

3. Not many children like vegetables. For example, ---- children eat squash.

4. Joe is always angry. That's why he has ---- friends.

5. Bill didn't drink all the soda. There's ---- left.

6. The party was fun. There were ---- people I knew there.

7. Your house is almost empty! You have --- furniture.

8. Marty : Do you need same help with your math homework?
Harry : Yes, I could sure use ----.

9. Henry : How many people were at the game last night?
Kenny : Almost none. ---- people want to watch a team that always loses.

10. Doris : Are Dallas and Ft. Worth very far from each other?
David: No, they're quite close. There's ---- distance between them.

11. There's ---- milk in the refrigerator. About half a quart, I think.

12. Doctor: Have you ever been in bad health or had a serious operation?
Patient: No, I haven't. I've had ---- medical problems.

13. Steve : Have you received any applications for the job that you advertised in the paper last week?
Larry : Yes, but only ----.

14. Steve : I wonder why not many people applied for it?
Larry : ---- want to work so hard for so ---- money, I guess.

15. May I please have ---- more coffee?

16. Greg is always busy; he has ---- free time.

17. ---- of the children were rude, but most were polite.

18. Donald doesn't care for school. He has ---- interest in it.

19. I need to talk to you. Do you have ---- minutes?

20. Let's get together when we have ---- free time.

21. Rodney feels that his life is very dull. He has ---- adventures.

22. There are no empty seats on this flight, but there are ---- available on the next one.

23. Almost all of the people at the meeting were in civilian clothes. ---- were wearing uniforms.

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