Articles Worksheet 5 - A / An / The

Fill in the blanks with a, an or the. Put 'x' where nothing is needed. Separate multiple answers with a coma and a space.

1. ---- most of ---- stories people tell about ---- Irish are not true.

2. ---- beef we had for dinner last night was excellent.

3. Everyone has problems in ---- life.

4. I don't know much about ---- life of Napoleon.

5. My grandmother had ---- long life.

6. Yes, my name is ---- Simpson, but I'm not ---- Simpson you're looking for.

7. ---- people wear ---- jewelry to look more attractive.

8. ---- jewelry Diana wearing today is beautiful.

9. Mary is wearing ---- gold ring today. It is made of ---- gold.

10. ---- word to ---- wise is ---- sufficient.

11. It is ---- interesting fact that an airplane's shadow is virtually ---- same size regardless of its altitude.

12. A laptop generally costs more than a desktop computer of similar specification even though its performance is usually ---- lower.

13. I have completed my research about ---- geography of Albania.

14. ---- Japanese these people speak is often heard in the countryside.

15. This DVD player is ---- more sophisticated of the two models sold in our shop now therefore I recommend you to buy it.

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Correct answers:

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