As As - Such That - So That

Complete the sentences with the expressions given in the box.

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Type your answers in the following format: such....that

1. In my opinion your new manager is not ---- skilled in dealing with problems ---- mine is.

2. She spoke ---- quietly ---- we could not hear her at all from the second row.

3. He has ---- high marks ---- he has applied for a scholarship.

4. There were ---- a lot of things to be discussed at the meeting ---- we couldn't finish it on time.

5. He was ---- worried about his exam ---- he couldn't go to sleep because it was his last chance to have his scholarship continued.

6. He has ---- an Interesting hair style ---- he gets a lot of attention while walking in the street.

7. His handwriting is ---- illegible ---- I can't figure out what this sentence says.

8. The tornado struck with ---- great force ---- it lifted automobiles off the ground last night.

9. His last book is not ---- interesting ---- his former one so I don't think the book will sell as it is expected.

10. He is not ---- an arrogant person ---- people say. I have known him for years. On the contrary, he is one of the most modest people I have ever met.

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