Past Perfect Tense

We use The Past Perfect Tense to express a past action that occurred either before another activity or before a point of time in the past.

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Forming Past Perfect Tense

Affirmative FormSubject + had + verb3 + complement
He had left the office
Negative FormSubject + hadn't + verb3 + complement
He hadn't left the office.
Question FormHad + subject + verb + complement ?
Had he left the office?
Negative QuestionHadn't + subject + verb3 + complement ?
Hadn't he left the office?


His customers had waited outside until Mark came to the shop.

Customers were already outside when Mark arrived to the shop. Act of waiting occurred before Mark's arrival.

The train had just left when I got to the station.

The train left and a few minutes later I got to the station.


Use the Past Perfect Tense after 'AFTER'
Use the Past Perfect Tense before 'BEFORE'

She had cooked dinner before I got home.
I got home after she had cooked dinner.


Complete the following sentences using the past perfect tense form of the verbs in brackets.

1. We ---- (not see) Mrs. Janker before she went to London.

2. The plane ---- (depart) when I got to the airport.

3. Adams ---- (already finish) typing when I arrived at the office.

4. I suddenly realized that I ---- (meet) her at school.

5. Oliver ---- (not have) a cup of coffee before he came to our table.

6. Had you ---- (just turn out) the lights when she woke up?

7. Chuck ---- (not put) my name into the list yet when I last saw him.

8. I ---- (buy) a new camera before I went to England.

9. I started the machine after I ---- (have) my lunch.

10. My mom didn't turn off the light until I ---- (finish) my homework.

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