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Subject Pronoun Object Pronoun Possessive Adjectives Possessive Pronoun Reflexive Pronoun
IMe MyMineMyself
You YouYourYoursYourselves
TheyThemTheirTheirs Themselves

Reciprocal Pronouns (Each Other / One Another)

We normally use this two in the same way but perhaps “one another” is prefered when we make general statements and not talking about particular people.

- They sat for 2 hours without talking to each other. (one another)
- Most children often tease each other. (one another)

Both can be used with “s”

- I’m sure they will enjoy each other’s friendship soon.
- They sat for hours looking at each other’s (one another’s) eyes.
- While I was waiting for the doctor I read the magazines on the desk one after another / consecutively.

By + reflexive pronoun = alone, without help

- My sister lives by herself/ on her own.
- I prepared the dinner by myself.

- Did you enjoy yourself at the party? (Did you have fun?) - Please help yourself to some food. ( Go and get whatever you want)
- How do you feel yourself?

We mostly use object pronoun after prepositions or places.

- I don’t have any money on me.
- It was cold so I put the blanket over me.

Impersonal Pronoun “One”

We can use “one” to talk about people in general or for unspecified objects.

- One can’t learn a language in six weeks.
- If one (somebody, you) wishes to make oneself thoroughly unpopular, one has merely to tell people the truth.

- One is knocking at the door.(not general, it is specified)
Somebody is knocking at the door.

- They speak English in this part of the country.
One speaks English in this part of the country.

- If one gets ill, one should see a doctor. (Sb. he / she / they)
- The newspapers that most men like are the ones which have photos of beautiful top models.
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