Pronouns Tests

Choose the correct pronouns to complete the sentences.

1. The old woman lived alone, with ---- to look after ----.

A) someone / her
B) anyone / herself
C) everyone / she
D) no one / her
E) anyone / she's

2. ---- two rings here on my little finger belonged to ---- grandmother.

A) These / my
B) That / mine
C) Those / me
D) The / myself
E) This / my

3. When the little boy grabbed the lizard, ---- tail broke off in ---- hand.

A) it's / his
B) it / him
C) its / his
D) it / one's
E) its / he's

4. A baby learns the meaning of words as ---- are spoken by others and later uses ---- in sentences.

A) their / they
B) they / them
C) they / themselves
D) it / them
E) they / it

5. Some of these clothes are ----, and the rest of ---- belong to Zack.

A) yours / it
B) my / them
C) hers / their
D) me / they
E) mine / them

6. As for ----, I prefer to let people make up ---- minds.

A) myself / each other's
B) I / his own
C) mine / one another's
D) me / their own
E) my / theirs

7. The solicitor wrote a letter to Ann and ---- in which he asked us if we could settle the matter between ----.

A) I / us
B) me / us
C) myself / ours
D) mine / our
E) me / we

8. As ---- cuts it as well as he does, I always have my hair cut at Johnson's.

A) anyone
B) someone else's
C) no one else
D) everyone
E) nobody's

9. They decided to buy the house because ---- location would allow ---- to get to work very easily.

A) theirs / them
B) it / themselves
C) its / them
D) they / us
E) its / their

10. Our dog is of a very good breed as ---- is the offspring of two very champion dogs and inherited ---- features.

A) this / its
B) he / them
C) she / theirs
D) that / his
E) it / their

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