Quantifiers Exercises 2

Fill in the blanks with appropriate quantifiers: little / a little / few / a few.

1. We must be quick. We have time.

2. Listen carefully. I'm going to give you advice.

3. Do you mind if I ask you questions?

4. This town is not a very interesting place to visit, very
tourists come here.

5. I don't think Jill would be a good teacher. She's got patience.

6. 'Would you like milk in your coffee?' 'Yes, please .’

7. This is a very boring place to live. There's to do.

8. 'Do you ever go to Atlantic City?' 'Yes, I go there times
every year.'

B. Complete the following exercise with appropriate quantifiers: a / an, some or any.

1. Are there computers in the library?

2. Are there ripe cherries on the tree?

3-5. Excuses me, is this English apple or French apple?

Actually, it’s South African. We haven’t got French or English

apples today.

6. Is there lake in the middle of London?

7-8. Oh! These chips are horrible. There isn’t salt on them.

Well, there’s in the pot over there.

9. There are people at the bus stop.

10. There is bridge over the river.

11. There is milk in the bottle.

12. There is big airport in Holland.

13. There isn’t furniture at home.

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