Simple Past vs Past Perfect Tenses

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Simple Past Tense
Past Perfect Tense

Fill in the blanks with Simple Past or Past Perfect Tenses.
(Separate multiple answers with a comma ',' and a space)

1. When I ---- (arrive) home last night, I ---- (discover) that Jane ---- (prepare) a beautiful candlelight dinner.

2. When I ---- (turn) the radio on yesterday, I ---- (hear) a song that was popular when I was in high school. I ---- (not hear) the song for years, and it ---- (bring) back some great memories.

3. Last week, I ---- (run into) an old friend of mine. We ---- (not see) each other for years and both of us ---- (change) a great deal.

4. When Emilio ---- (enter) the room, I didn't recognize (not recognize) him because he ---- (lose) so much weight and ---- (grow) a beard. He ---- (look) totally different.

5. When Oprah Winfrey ---- (get) her own TV show in 1986, she ---- (work) as a news reporter for a long time.

6. In 1976, 60% of families ---- (be) couples with children but by 1996, this ---- (fall) to 51%.

7. Several senior employees ---- (leave) the company by the time the new manager ---- (arrive) last week.

8. Until the new software ---- (purchase), the staff ---- (struggle) to keep the accounts' records up to date.

9. I ---- (see) that movie three times last year

10. When my supervisor ---- (pop in) my office the other day, I ---- (work) on the project for nearly three hours.

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