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Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences

1. Make sure you ---- the electricity before you ---- mending this light switch.

disconnect / start
are disconnecting / were starting
will disconnect / started
disconnect / start
disconnect / will start

2. The workers ---- to go on strike when the management ---- their demand for higher wages.

decide / will refuse
decided / refused
will decide / will refuse
are deciding / refused
would decide / refuse

3. Most people ---- being disturbed while they ----.

don't like / are working
would like / worked
like / worked
don't like / didn't like
will like / were working

4. In public pools, there ---- a much higher level of safety with trained lifeguards on duty whenever they ---- open.

will be / were
was / are
is / are
would be / are
is / were

5. The contractors ---- the stadium when strike ---- all construction.

built / is stopping
are building / stops
were building / will stop
will build / will stop
were building / stopped

6. Humans ---- applying knowledge of genetics in prehistory with the domestication and breeding of plants and animals.

will begin
are beginning
would be starting

7. All pilots ---- speak English so that other pilots and air controllers ---- them.

have to / understand
had to / will understand
have to / would understand
will have to / understand
would have to / are understood

8. With a tornado on the way, Jesse ---- he ---- safer under a mattress.

was deciding / will be
is deciding / was
would decide / will be
decided / would be
decides / would be

9. The Internet ---- computer users easily to connect to other computers and information stores wherever they ---- across the world.

allows / are
allowed / will be
are allowing / were
will allow / would be
were allowing / will be

10. Mrs Grant absentmindedly ---- the umbrella that ---- on the seat before her.

was taking / will hang
will take / would hang
is taking / would hang
would take / is hanging
took / was hanging

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