So / Such / Such A

1. It's warm today that I'm going to the beach.

2. We're pleased with these new towels that we're going to buy some more.

3. He has done foolish things that he will get into serious trouble.

4. He made generous contributions to the university that they are naming one of the new buildings after him.

5. This hedge grows fast that we have to trim it often.

6. We had good time that we hate to leave the party.

7. The thief came in quietly that the sleeping couple never heard him.

8. He is extravagant that all his money is spent long before his next pay check.

9. Those are great moments that will never be forgotten.

10. He wastes much time watching television that he never finishes his homework.

11. He has read that book many times that he knows it by heart.

12. Her work at the university has been poor that she is thinking of leaving.

13. This is beautiful piano that I'm sorry I have to sell it.

14. It was delicious meal that we asked the chef for its recipe.

15. They are stingy that they never want to eat out.

16. They are boring people that we hate to visit them.

17. There was crowd in the street that we could hardly move.

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