So / Such / Such A

Fill in the blanks with so, such or such a.

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1. It's ---- warm today that I'm going to the beach.

2. We're ---- pleased with these new towels that we're going to buy some more.

3. He has done ---- foolish things that he will get into serious trouble.

4. He made ---- generous contribution to the university that they are naming one of the new buildings after him.

5. This hedge grows ---- fast that we have to trim it often.

6. We had ---- good time that we hate to leave the party.

7. The thief came in ---- quietly that the sleeping couple never heard him.

8. He is ---- extravagant that all his money is spent long before his next pay check.

9. Their house was ---- severely damaged by the fire that it will have to be completely rebuilt.

10. He wastes ---- much time watching television that he never finishes his homework.

11. He has read that book ---- many times that he knows it by heart.

12. Her work at the university has been ---- poor that she is thinking of leaving.

13. This is ---- beautiful piano that I'm sorry I have to sell it.

14. It was ---- delicious food that we ate too much.

15. They are ---- stingy that they never want to eat out.

16. They are ---- boring people that we hate to visit them.

17. There was ---- crowd in the street that we could hardly move.

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