Complete the sentences with the expressions given in the box.

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so - that such - that as - as such - as

Type your answers in the following format: as - as

1. I would like to remind you that I do not earn ---- much money ---- you do.

2. Mark and Jake are ---- different in appearance ---- you would hardly guess that they are twins.

3. In St. Valentine's Day my fiance and I went to a famous restaurant. As I had never been in ---- a luxurious restaurant before ---- that one, I was fascinated by the beauty of its atmosphere.

4. In order to complete the highway on time, the workers worked ---- quickly ---- there was even no time for talking.

5. Even though I'm very busy, I usually sit at my desk all day. I need more exercise, so I try to walk to and from work ---- often ---- I can.

6. He is not like he used to be; he hasn't got ---- much enthusiasm ---- he once had.

7. Steven did ---- well in his speech today ---- he must have rehearsed it many times last week.

8. David spent ---- an enjoyable vacation in Europe this summer ---- he plans to return there as soon as he saves enough money.

9. The reunion party wasn't ---- a great success ---- I'd expected; it certainly wasn't like the one we had last year.

10. Working in an excavation area is not ---- hard work ---- I thought so I decided not to turn back to my previous job at university.

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