Will or Be Going To Worksheet

Will or Be Going To Worksheet - ESL / EFL Grammar

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Will and Going To Differences
Will Future Tense
Be Going To Future

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Will vs Going To Exercises
Complete the sentences using the Simple Future Tense will or going to.

1. Sam: Have you arranged the accommodation for our guest?
Chris: I am terribly sorry. i completely forgot about it. I do it now.

2. Guest: I think I forgot my luggage in the lobby.
Receptionist: Please wait here. I ask someone to carry it to your room.

3. Our housekeeper has worked all day long. She must be very tired. In fact, she looks as if she pass out.

4. Martin: This is the second time i have called you about the TV which doesn't work properly.
Receptionist: Sorry Sir! We've already informed the technicians of the problem. They come upstairs to fix it soon.

5. Travel Agent: Could you tell me the flight number and the arrival time of Mr. Duncan?
Secretary: Hold on a second, please! I give you this information after checking his flight ticket.

6. The weatherman says it rain after Sunday.

7. I hope we have any more trouble with the neighbor's dog.

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