Conjunction Practice Quiz 7

Choose the appropriate conjunctions to complete the sentences.

1. Leaders of the world's richest nations got together on an island last week, and nobody ---- the protesters seemed to care.

as if

2. ---- a market economy will become effective, potential benefits should be maximized and risks minimized.

In the event that
In view of
In order that
But for

3. ---- how many particles an atom has, the number of electrons usually needs to be the same as the number of protons.

In contrast
No matter
On grounds that

4. President Lyndon Baines Johnson lost public support ---- American involvement in the war in Vietnam.

now that
due to
for fear that

5. More than six hundred million tons of rice were grown around the world last year; ----, current rice production levels will not meet the needs of a growing world population twenty-five years from now.

apart from
on the other hand
as though

6. To eat healthily···· a busy lifestyle, you first need to have the honest desire to improve your eating habits.

now that
as a result
in spite of

7. Academic honesty is ---- an important value ---- there are great penalties attached to its violation.

so / that
very / that
so / as
too / as
such / that

8. If you are not getting much sleep during the night, you should try to avoid napping during the day ---- much you might want to.

no matter
because of

9. Many countries that promised to give food to Ethiopia failed to do so ---- its involvement in a border war with Eritrea.

as a result of
due to the fact that
in fact

10. The government should be in the business of ensuring a decent quality of life for its citizens; ----, it should invest the social sector to enable the citizens to function at their optimal level.

instead of
in other words
apart from
but for

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Correct answers:
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