Dialogue Examples 3

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Read the dialogue examples and complete them with the correct options.

        Have you started your research project for management class?
        Well, I have decided on a topic, but haven't actually started the
        research yet.
        I know. Actually, I went to the library yesterday, but wasn't sure
        where to look.

A) Didn't you hear what the professor said yesterday?
B) I will also write about motivation. Will this be a problem for you?
C) I guess we should get started today, so shall we head to the library
D) You are late. You don't have that much time to complete the paper.
E) If you want to find books on that subject, why don't you try the card

        It's summertime. I thought people only took trips to Crested Butte in
        the winter, for skiing.
        Like what?
        It's great for hiking. Or, if you don't feel like traveling on foot, you can
        rent horses or mountain bikes.

A) I just can't believe we are going to Colorado.
B) It is a great place to go in the summer, too. There are lots to do.
C) This trip next week to Crested Butte is going to be fantastic, isn't it?
D) Could we get very far on a mountain bike if the hills are very steep?
E) Okay, then. If you don't want to go there, we could go somewhere

        How much of a tip should we leave?
        No more than a dollar.
        No, not at all. The service was slow and the soup was cold.

A) Why do you say that? Wouldn't it be too little?
B) They didn't offer us coffee, either.
C) How about leaving nothing? I wasn't satisfied with it.
D) Instead of leaving a tip, I think we should complain to manager.
E) If I were you, I wouldn't leave that amount.

        Alice was so angry when the toaster that she bought didn't work.
        She certainly was.
        She made the company refund her money.

A) She should have examined it thoroughly before she bought it.
B) She always acts too quickly and gets into trouble.
C) What did she do when she found out?
D) Why didn't they take it back?
E) Is the new one working better?

        Were you able to get some sleep last night? I know you were really
        Oh, really. What was the problem?
        I was disturbed by the noisy traffic.

A) Thanks, I slept soundly as soon as I went to bed.
B) The NBA fans were everywhere making a lot of noise with their cars'
C) I was going to do that, but some of my friends popped in to have
D) I have been having this problem for a long time, so I'd better take
        some sleeping pills.
E) Well, actually I was able to sleep only a little bit.

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