Gerunds Infinitives Exercises

A. Complete the following exercise with gerund or infinitive forms of the indicated verbs.

1. What do you want (do) tonight?

I feel like (go) to a movie.

2. It's not so bad (tell) a white lie, is it?

I don't think (lie) is ever right.

3. It isn't wrong (defend) yourself, is it?

I think (defend) yourself is the right thing to do if you have a

good reason.

4. Why did you end up (major) in forestry?

I've always loved (be) outdoors. And I've always had trouble

(do) desk jobs.

B. Complete the following exercise with gerund or infinitive forms of the indicated verbs.

1. She decided (move) in another city.

2. Grammarbank is one of the best websites (practice)

English grammar.

3. Alicia enjoys (watch) soap operas on television.

4. She refuses (listen) to her father.

5. Students want (get) good grades.

6. Many drivers avoid (drive) in traffic.

7. Do you feel like (eat) hamburger?

8. I can't imagine (jump) out of a flying jet.

9. The president wishes (end) the war.

10. I would love (see) that movie. I heard it's really good.

11. Mrs. Rogala is a really good teacher. She always offers

(help) her students.

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