Passive Causative Quiz 1

Passive Causative Quiz - Advanced Grammar

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Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences

1. Most of the patient visits ---- to physician assistants in the recent years all around he world.

have been made
was made
will have been made
have made

2. These differences between two photographs ---- with the help of Photoshop.

should remove
must have removed
have to remove
could have been removed
were able to remove

3. No clinical studies ---- in this child disease research so far.

had completed
will be completed
have completed
had to complete
have been completed

4. The government ---- that the tasks ---- with great success.

is confirming / maintained
confirms / have been maintained
was confirmed / have maintained
will confirm / had been maintained
confirmed / are maintaining

5. With a comprehensive international report, the country's position In the regional and global arena ---- with measurable criteria.

is to identify
will be identified
is going to identify

6. The critics ---- that the review ---- as a book in English and In many other languages.

are said / could be published
say / can be published
will say / had been published
said / may be published
have said / should publish

7. New legislation ---- in congress but it ---- by many.

was introduced / wasn't accepted
introduced / didn't accept
will be introduced / isn't accepted
introduced / hadn't been accepted
is introduced / won't accept

8. If you are interested in what ---- in the project, its web site ----.

has been completed / may be visited
completed / will be visited
completes / should be visited
was completed / had been visited
will be completed / can visit

9. These clothes ---- for daily use so you ---- them wherever you want.

design / should be worn
will be designed / must wear
are designed / can wear
were designed / could be worn
designed / might be worn

10. A more developed model of this car ---- in the showroom soon.

is going to show
will be shown
was shown
has been shown
had shown

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