Passives Quiz 4

Choose the correct forms of passive / active to complete the sentences.

1. The painting that ---- by Picasso ---- worth of exhibition in the art gallery.

A) was made / was considering
B) would have been made / will be considered
C) made / considered
D) was making / being considered
E) was made / was considered

2. All the songs on this new album ---- by Lisa herself, and the album ---- live during her recent successful concert tour.

A) written / recorded
B) wrote / recorded
C) were written / was recorded
D) was written / was recorded
E) were to write / had been recorded

3. It ---- that the victim ---- with poison.

A) was thought / had been killed
B) thought / had been killed
C) is thought / has killed
D) is thought / must killed
E) was thought / must have killed

4. It ---- that too little money ---- by the government on roads.

A) is said / spends
B) has said / is spent
C) was said / spent
D) is being said / is being spent
E) has been said / is spending

5. Mary ---- the mechanic ---- her car yesterday.

A) had / to repair
B) got / to repair
C) will have / repair
D) got / repair
E) had / repairing

6. My bike which ---- was brought back only when a 20-pound-reward ---- .

A) was stolen / was offered
B) has been stolen / has been offered
C) stole / offered
D) was stolen / has offered
E) was being stolen / was being offered

7. The criminal ---- for further questioning but as he had a heart attack during the first questioning he ---- to hospital for a week.

A) has held / was sent
B) has been held / has been sent
C) was to have been held / was sent
D) is to hold / be sent
E) was to hold / was being sent

8. Look at Susan's fair hair. She has had it ---- .

A) dye
B) to be dyed
C) to dye
D) being dyed
E) dyed

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