Present Continuous Tense

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Simple Present Tense
Simple Present vs Present Progressive

Formation of Present Progressive Tense

Affirmative FormSubject + am / is / are + Verb (ing) + Complement
I am learning English right now.
Negative FormSubject + am not / isn't / aren't + Verb (ing) + Complement
I am not learning French right now.
Question FormAm / is / are + Subject + Verb (ing) + Complement
Is he going to work?
Negative QuestionAm...not / isn't / aren't + Subject + Verb (ing) + Complement
Am I not coming with you to the mall?

Verb (ing)

The most common state of the verb(ing) is just simply the verb itself + letters "ing"

walk - walking
talk - talking
turn - turning
learn - learning...

However, this rule does not always apply. See present progressive tense spelling rules for details.

Quick Exercise

Fill in the blanks using present progressive tense.

1. Look! it (rain)

2. They (watch) the news on TV.

3. The birds (fly) to South.

4. Matt (wait) for the bus.

5. The chef (not cook)anything today.

6. What Helen (do) at the moment?

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Correct answers:
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