Transition Words Grammar Test 2

Choose the appropriate conjunctions to complete the sentences.

1. Johnny Pacheco has a creative talent as a composer; ----, he is a successful arranger.

A) owing to
B) now that
C) though
D) moreover
E) in addition to

2. ---- how long you've been using tobacco, you can still overcome your addiction to smoking.

A) Regarding
B) Although
C) No matter
D) However
E) Even though

3. ---- they tried hard, the students could not complete the project in time as they were lacking in skills and knowledge.

A) Although
B) As
C) Since
D) Despite
E) However

4. All the soldiers had to take their masks with them ---- there was a gas attack.

A) because of
B) so
C) nevertheless
D) so that
E) in case

5. He should not have used office property ---- he ought not to have been in the building at all outside office hours.

A) in addition to
B) owing to
C) so that
D) furthermore
E) so as to

6. She feels like giving up her job ---- the consequences she will face.

A) although
B) much as
C) as a result
D) regardless of
E) since

7. Smaller companies were merged into the parent company ---- creating a single organization.

A) despite
B) as a consequence
C) though
D) in order to
E) thereby

8. ---- you fail, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you tried.

A) Whereas
B) Unlike
C) Provided
D) But for
E) Even if

9. ---- a person tries very hard to suppress the obsession, it continues to reoccur in an uncontrollable fashion.

A) No matter
B) Besides
C) Even though
D) Therefore
E) Nevertheless

10. ---- motor vehicles are the most preferable way of transport, they are also the major contributor to global warming.

A) Whereas
B) On the other hand
C) On the contrary
D) Whenever
E) As long as

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