Conjunctions Practice

ESL / EFL Conjunctions Grammar Practice:

Given a list of conjunctions, find the appropriate ones which would go with each sentence. Answers are highlighted and hidden via corresponding buttons for each question.

1) ---- what technique is used, a fisherman cannot catch fish unless the bait or the artificial lure is placed where the fish are.

No matter
AlthoughIn spite of

2) ---- the first half of the 20th century California suffered several setbacks - a disastrous earthquake and a fire in San Francisco in 1906.


3) The two ships collided with a sharp impact. ----, the damage was found, on inspection, to be of little or no significance.


4) ---- the ancient philosopher Aristotle distinguished the five senses as sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, many more senses exist.

DespiteNo matterEven so

5) Insects differ from each other in terms of ability to endure heat; ----, caterpillars prefer colder temperatures while cockroaches seek out warm, moist locations.

in other words
for instance
that is
for example

6) ---- do creative writers create images in their writings ---- they communicate with them.

Not only / but
Both / andNeither / norEither / or

7) An idiomatic expression is a phrase that has become an accepted part of a language but that makes little sense if taken literally. Most idioms are difficult, ----, to translate from one language to another.

as a consequence of

8) In the late 1980s, ---- the many organizations working to teach adults to read, the number of people who were illiterate remained constant.

in spite of
much as

9) ---- individual interests and tastes vary so much, no single target in life can be prescribed for everyone

Because of

10) Many students often conclude, mistakenly, that to be well read means to read as many books as possible. ----, to be well read means to read well and selectively among the works that are most challenging.

In fact

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