Despite / In Spite Of / Although / Though / Even Though Exercise

Choose from Despite / In spite of / although / even though / though / despite the fact that. (more than one correct answer is possible)

1. the bad weather, we went on a school picnic.

2. his illness, Benny went to school because he had an important exam.

3. she was very busy, my mother cooked a great meal for us.

4. I studied hard for my English test. I still got a low grade .

5. My mother is never pleased with my grades I get nothing less than a 'B'.

6. I have so many cavities I brush my teeth regularly.

7. the heavy fog, we managed to get to the meeting on time.

8. we played well, we couldn't win the game.

9. The elevator was out of order so I had to use the stairs being exhausted.

10. She still loves her husband they broke up.

11. He is very unhappy he is very rich.

12. I lived in France for two years, I can hardly speak any French.

13. He's decided go on a vacation all the financial problems they are going through.

14. I can't let you go out with him I know how kind he is.

15. I am not going to eat fast food I am starving.

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