Else vs Elses vs Or Else Exercise

Fill in the blanks with else, or else, else's.

1. Behave yourself you'll be expelled.

2. Nothing but stricter punishment will discourage criminals.

3. This can't be yours; I'm sure it is someone .

4. I should really be going now I'll be late for my appointment.

5. My passport was checked by the officials and so was everyone .

6. Let's try somewhere ; this cafe is rather dull.

7. I'm desperate; I don't know what to do.

8. Place this file somewhere safe you might lose it.

9. Nowhere have I been treated with such kindness and understanding.

10. Do you know who has been asked to attend the meeting?

11. I can't think of anyone career that has been so brilliant as yours.

12. Screw the lid on tightly the jam will go off.

13. How should I do it?

14. Was anything said at the meeting?

15. This coat is definitely Mark's; it can't be anyone .

16. We'd better ring them up they'll be worried.

17. Is there anything that you need to know?

18. Apart from mine, nobody presence was required at the staff meeting.

19. No one but you can help us organize the sales team.

20. We must hurry we will never catch that train.

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Correct answers:
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