Possessive Pronouns

We use possessive pronouns as subject or object of a verb. Notice that "its" usually used as possessive pronoun.


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a. This is my tie - This is mine.
b. Her umbrella is beautiful. - Hers is beautiful.
c. These are his shoes. - These are his.
d. These are their wallets. - These are theirs.
e. It is my book. - It is mine.
f. That is our school. - That is ours.
g. This is our house. - This is ours.
h. That is my radio. - That is mine.
i. Those tickets are Kimberley's. - Those are hers.
j. This is Henry's suitcase. - This is his.
k. They are my mother's keys. - They are hers.
l. It's Lucy's chocolate. - It's hers.
m. My cousins' grades are better. - Theirs are better.
n. Elizabeth's cakes are delicious. - Hers are delicious.

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It's in example 'l' is short form of It is and should not be confused with its.
My cousins' grades in 'm' is not the same as my cousin's grades. In fact it means grades of my cousins and it is plural so we use the plural possessive pronoun theirs.

Apostrophe in It's and Possession

1. It's beautiful = It is beautiful (With Apostrophe ('))

2. Its color is blue = Color of its is blue (Without Apostrophe)
Its in the first sentence is a possessive adjective (Its color)
Its in the second sentence is a possessive pronoun (color of its)

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3. My cousins' grades = Grades of my cousins (2 or more cousins)
4. My cousin's grades = Grades of a particular cousin (1 cousin)

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Quick Exercise

Fill in the blanks using mine, yours, his, hers, ours, theirs.

1. Your cat isn't black, is white.

2. I know Lily, she is a friend of .

3. This isn't Britney's bike, is at the garage.

4. Where are my shoes? These are not .

5. Which one is the kids' bed? The small one is .

6. That's Jackie's and my house. That brown one is .

7. We are waiting for the train. Alex has got a ticket. He has
but I can't find .

Correctness =
Correct answers:

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