Beginners Reading Comprehension 2

Read the passages and answer the follow up questions according to the readings.

Part 1

Dear Melissa,

I hope you are well. Guess what! I am having a big party next week at my house and I am inviting all my close friends. The theme of the party is going to be Harry Potter, so all must dress accordingly. You would make a great witch! I need to let everyone know by Wednesday since I am throwing the party next Saturday. Sam is going to decorate the house and my mother is going bake a cake and make lots of food. There is going to be music and dancing as well. John is going to be the DJ. You can stay over at my house. It’s going to be great! I hope to see you then.

1. What kind of an organisation is it?
A) It is a slumber party
B) It is a costume party
C) It is about making cake
D) It is a dance party

2.When is the party?
A) It is a fancy dress party
B) On Wednesday
C) It is next Saturday
D) There is going to be music and dancing

3. Whose party is it?
A) It is Sarah’s party
B) It is Judy’s party
C) It is Sarah’s mother’s party
D) It is Harry Potter’s party

Part 2

Ryu : Hi Ken. Are you free tonight?
Ken: I think so. Why?
Ryu: Because there’s a new science-fiction movie at the theater. Would you like to see it?
Ken: No, thanks. I don’t like science-fictions.
Ryu: Oh... What about a comedy then? There’s one starring Adam Sandler.
Ken: I don’t know. I don’t really like his movies.
Ryu: What about a pop concert then?
Ken: Well, I am not into pop music.
Ryu: Oh, I understand now, it’s Thursday today and your favorite sitcom is on TV!
Ken: You know me very well RYU... You are welcome to watch it with me.
Ryu: That’s a great idea! Let’s meet at your place at 7:30 then!

4. Ken doesn’t want to go the movie theater with Ryu, because ----.

A) he wants to be alone
B) he wants go to a soccer match
C) he doesn’t like thrillers
D) he doesn't want to miss his favorite TV show

5. Ken's initial excuse not to go to the pop concert is that ----.

A) his favorite sitcom is on tonight
B) he is very busy tonight
C) he is fond of classical music
D) he is not interested in pop music

6. They are going to watch ----.

A) a thriller
B) Ken’s favorite sitcom
C) Adam Sandler's comedy movie
D) a pop music show on TV

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