Beginners Reading Passage Fill in 10

Choose the correct answers to complete the following short passage.

My Hometown

Hello friends, my name is Emma. I (1) ---- in Yerevan. It is the capital of Armenia. It has three thousand years of history. It (2) ---- beautiful water fountains. It is located in Ararat Valley. It has (3) ---- beautiful churches and cathedrals. (4) ---- biggest cathedral is the Cathedral of St. Gregory. People live in single story homes. You can (5) ---- works of world famous sculptors. Yerevan is a (6) ---- of museums and theaters. Museum of the History of Armenia and the National Art Gallery (7) ---- unique collections of treasures of the Armenian culture. You (8) ---- come and visit my hometown. I am (9) ---- you will love it. I love Yerevan, my (10) ----!

1. love go live do

2. has have is does

3. much a little any many

4. It's It Its There is

5. find sea speak eat

6. mountain bridge ocean city

7. am is are has

8. has to need't should mustn't

9. sad kind worried sure

10. family tourists hometown relatives

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