Beginners Reading Comprehension 4

Read the passages and answer the follow up questions according to the readings.

Part 1

My best friend Selena

Hi, my name is Tina. I am thirteen years old and today I want to talk about my best friend Selena. She is my classmate and she is thirteen years old too. We attend a very big school near Scotland. We share the same desk and love the same school subjects. Our favorite lessons are Arts and Physical Education. I am very good at tennis and she is very good at volleyball. She plays volleyball at our school team. We both have a busy life. We always get up at a half past six and at seven o’clock her father takes us to school by car. They live next door to us, so after school we always do our homework, walk our dogs and play together. Our classes start at half past seven and finish at 4 p.m. Her mother is a nurse. My mother is a nurse too and they work at the same hospital. Our fathers are both engineers but they work at different companies. On Mondays, Selena has violin class and I have piano class. On Tuesdays and Thursdays she practices volleyball at the school’s gym and I play tennis in our school court. Friday is my favorite day because Selena stays overnight with us. On the weekends, we usually go to the movie theater or have a picnic if the weather is good. I am the only child, I don’t have a sister but she is like a sister to me.

1. What is Selena’s favorite day of the week?
A) Sunday
B) Monday
C) Tuesday
D) Friday

2.Which one of the following questions you cannot answer?
A) What time does Tina get up on weekdays?
B) Which school subjects does Tina like?
C) What music types does Tina like?
D) How does Selena go to school?

3. What is incorrect about Tina?
A) Her mother is a nurse.
B) She has a busy life.
C) She walks her dog on Saturdays.
D) She spends time with her best friend.

Part 2

Nichole’s Summer Vacation

Every summer Nichole goes to the countryside for a month. She stays at her uncle’s farm and helps him. She works very hard but she likes it because she loves to spend time with her cousin Macy. Every morning she wakes up at six o’clock, first she collects the eggs and feeds the chickens, then she has breakfast at 6:30 and after breakfast, she helps her aunt with the house chores for an hour. She can't wait to spend time with her cousin Macy. They always have a great time together. They climb trees, pick fruits and flowers. They love being outdoors. They come back home before dark and get ready for dinner. After dinner, they go out and feed the animals. Before they go to bed they watch TV for a little bit or read books. They are always very tired at the end of the day and usually fall asleep watching TV or reading.

4. Where does Nichole go in summer?

A) She goes to a big city.
B) She goes to her uncle’s farm.
C) She goes to her cousin’s hotel.
D) She goes camping.

5. Which one of the following questions you cannot answer?

A) How long does Nichole stay at her uncle’s farm?
B) How does Nichole help her uncle and aunt?
C) What does Nichole do before she goes to bed?
D) What’s her favorite food?

6. Which of the followings isn't true about Macy and Nichole?

A) Macy and Nichole can climb trees.
B) They have a good time together.
C) They live together.
D) They feed the animals.

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