Beginners Reading Comprehension 5

Read the passages and answer the follow up questions according to the readings.

Part 1

Our Toy Shop

Hi, my name is Amy. I am twelve years old. We have a small toy shop in our neighborhood. My father says Fridays are the busiest day in our toy shop. So after school, my mom takes me there to help my dad. That's another reason why I like Fridays. We allow kids to play with the toys when they are in the store. My father says I am responsible for the toys and that I need to watch and make sure nothing breaks. Many kids from my school and neighborhood also come to the shop to look at our new toys. It is always noisy here. Because it’s full of babies and small children. Little girls tend to go for dolls, boys go for cars. Some just want to play with the toys, some actually want to buy them. It’s a bit tiring for me but I like going to the shop and helping my father.

1. Which of the following questions you cannot answer?
A) Where is the toy shop located?
B) When is the busiest day at the toy shop?
C) Why is the toy shop so noisy?
D) What’s the name of the toy shop?

2.Which of the followings is incorrect?
A) Amy goes to school.
B) Amy enjoys helping his father in the toy shop.
C) Kids can play with the toys at the store without buying them.
D) Amy’s mother works at the toy shop too.

3. Why does Amy help his father on Fridays?
A) Because it’s the busiest day.
B) Because she doesn’t have school on Fridays.
C) Because she wants to play with the toys.
D) Because she doesn’t like Fridays.

Part 2

Summer Job

Hi, I am Evan. In summer, after schools are closed, I work at a theme park in a nearby coastal town. I love summer time and working at the park so I can't wait till the schools close for the summer. The amusement park where I work is really big with lots of fun rides and restaurants. But what's best about it is that it is actually built on the beach. This is a beach town and there is a really long boardwalk by the beach with many shops, food stores and stairs to the beach at several points. The main entrance to the park is also from the boardwalk. The park also has access to the beach so you can get to the beach by going through the park. I work there as a ride operator at one of the roller coasters which is the most fun. There are three other employees who work at the same ride with me. We welcome the riders, remind them the safety procedures and operate the ride. I work here for about two months every summer and enjoy it very much. They organize several fun events over the summer with free food, ice-cream and games for the workers. The park access is free for the employees so I can ride the rides as much as I want. My family and friends love visiting me here because I can get them free admission to the park too. The only bad part about working here is that it gets too hot sometimes. But even then, I can just jump in the cool waters of the Atlantic ocean and refresh.

4. What does Evan like the most about the park?
A) It has many fun rides.
B) The roller coaster.
C) The park is on the beach.
D) Free food and ice-cream.

5. Which of the followings is incorrect?
A) Evan doesn't go to school in summer
B) Evan operates a roller coaster by himself
C) Evan loves working at the park
D) Evan likes to cool off in the ocean when it gets too hot

6. Which of the followings you cannot infer about the amusement park?
A) It has access to the beach.
B) It has access to the boardwalk.
C) The park has many food stores.
D) Park admission is free for employees.

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