Beginners Reading Passage Fill in 14

Choose the correct answers to complete the following short passage.

Dear Rebecca,

I (1) ---- writing to you from the Paradise Beach Hotel. We usually come here with my parents, (2) ---- this summer I am here (3) ---- Sarah and Jessica. The place is very nice and I think all the people at the hotel (4) ---- having a good time. You can do many activities here. You can swim, (5) ---- windsurfing or hiking. There are tall trees all around the hotel, (6) ---- you can rest or read a book in the shade of trees. At the moment, Sarah and Jessica are having lunch. They say the soup (7) ---- so good. In a few minutes, I will join (8) ---- too. After lunch, we are planning to go for a walk because (9) ---- plenty of opportunities for cliffside photos. I hope you are having a good time as well. Write to me soon and tell me about (10) ---- your news.

1. is are am do

2. but because together from

3. under of from with

4. are is do does

5. go make ride drive

6. but because so before

7. drink smell eats tastes

8. his us them her

9. have got has got there is there are

10. all many a an

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