Beginners Reading Passage Fill in 2

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Choose the correct answers to complete the following short passage.

My Family

My name is Alen. I (1) ---- sixteen years old. I don’t (2) ---- a large family. I live with my parents and (3) ---- brother. I also have a puppy dog. (4) ---- name is King. My mom is a teacher. She (5) ---- at a high school. She teaches Spanish. My dad is an engineer. He works for a big company. He can drive or (6) ---- his bike to work. I have a brother. (7) ---- name is Ryan. He is ten years old. He (8) ---- to elementary school. He (9) ---- basketball and tennis. (10) ---- love my family!

1. is are am do

2. have work has live

3. her my I he

4. It's It His He

5. work works go is

6. jump read run ride

7. her they his he

8. lives speaks buys goes

9. works drinks eats plays

10. me my I your

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