Beginners Reading Passage Fill in 12

Choose the correct answers to complete the following short passage.


Hello, my name is Sam. I (1) ---- seven years old. I want to tell you about the new water park in our town. We will go there (2) ---- Saturday. (3) ---- many scary slides. (4) ---- I am brave enough to ride them. And you should see the sprinklers, (5) ---- are so cool on hot days. There is an interesting pool. It (6) ---- its own waves and everybody tries to jump over them. The park has (7) ---- snack bars. They sell everything from fast food to ice cream. There is just one problem. The Water Park is so (8) ---- at the weekends. You need to wait in very long lines for the slides. But it's worth it. They even (9) ---- pets. So I can take my puppy with me. We all (10) ---- so much fun there.

1. is are am do

2. on in from under

3. There are There is Are Have got

4. But Because So Do

5. she he they we

6. makes swims slides likes

7. many a any an

8. amazing good crowded empty

9. don't allow doesn't allow aren't allowing allow

10. eat go make have

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