Beginners Reading Passage Fill in 4

Choose the correct answers to complete the following short passage.

Luis Pierri

Hi! My name is Luis Pierri. I (1) ---- fourteen years old. I’m in year 8 at St.Patrick's (2) ---- . I’m from Sydney, Australia. My father (3) ---- from Spain. (4) ---- name is Andrew Pierri and he’s forty-five years old. He’s a (5) ---- and he teaches Math. My mother is from Armenia. (6) ---- name is Katy Pierri. She’s thirty-eight years old and she’s a nurse. I don’t (7) ---- any sisters or brothers. I am a single child but I have many friends. I usually (8) ---- computer games in my free time. I like (9) ---- a book. My favorite food is (10) ----.

1. isn’t are is am

2. school library bank hospital

3. has have is am

4. His Her My He

5. driver engineer doctor teacher

6. His Her She I

7. has have hadhaving

8. play read drive eat

9. listening climbing reading riding

10. pizza school home computer

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