Beginners Reading Passage Fill in 7

Choose the correct answers to complete the short passage.

Snow Break

Today I am having such a good time. I feel very (1) ---- that there (2) ---- no school and I can do (3) ---- I want. I don't have any extra homework either as the schools (4) ---- closed because of snow. That's why this is one of my favorite (5) ----. I like going to school but I like the snow even more. I get to play outside in the snow. We can (6) ---- a snowman with (7) ---- friends, we can have a snowball fight, we can slide and enjoy the snow. I know it is funny but sometimes we still (8) ---- to school just (9) ---- in the school yard even though it's closed. Snow holidays are the (10) ----.

1. scared happy fan tired

2. is isn't is not be

3. all the thing nothing something anything

4. is was are be

5. holiday times time happiness

6. carry play build fill

7. me mine mi my

8. go goes going are going

9. playing for playing to play for to play

10. great better more better best

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