Adjectives Worksheet - Ing or Ed

Fill in the blanks using the correct form of the verbs ing or ed.

Sample: --- (charm)

1. Mary looked calm, but inside she felt really ----.(excite)

2. I enjoyed Dr Brown's visit. He is a very ---- speaker.(interest)

3. It was a bad day. We were all thoroughly ----.(bore)

4. I enjoyed the movie. The monster was absolutely ----.(terrify)

5. We were rather ---- with the results.(disappoint)

6. I had only one book and unluckily it was ----.(bore)

7. We were dreadfully late. It was very ----.(embarrass)

8. The results were very ----.(disappoint)

9. Josh looked even more ---- than he felt.(excite)

10. We invited them to join us but they weren't really ----.(interest)

11. The bad news was very ----.(depress)

12. George made a perfect fool of himself. He was awfully ----.(embarrass)

13. She's a brilliant woman. She has the most ---- ideas.(interest)

14. Have you heard what's happened? Isn't it ----? (amaze)

15. I had nothing to do. I was ----. (bore)

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