Can vs Be Able To Worksheet

Use the verbs in the box with a suitable form of be able to or can. Use correct verb tenses.


1. Our team ---- the cup six times in twenty years now.

2. Walter ---- the dog on the dark road at the last moment and avoided hitting it.

3. My boy friend and I ---- again next Monday.

4. Frank ---- any Spanish when he got a job offer from a company in Spain.

5. As his leg was in plaster, John ---- for the next couple weeks.

6. Although this is her first day in the office, Tina ---- very well so far.

7. Since the teenagers were partying very loudly, they ---- the door bell.

8. Astronomers ---- more detailed pictures once this new space telescope has been put into orbit.

9. I ---- with so many problems that are bothering me. I will try again later.

10. Scientists ---- any signals from any form of intelligent life in space so far.

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Correct answers:
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