ESL Vocabulary Worksheet 14

Choose the correct vocabulary to complete the sentences.

1. Marmaray" is the name of the project to ---- the European and Asian halves of Istanbul by an undersea rail tunnel across the Bosporus Strait.

A) resort
B) reverse
C) link
D) deter
E) attend

2. According to investigations, the reason for the explosion in the factory was that flames ---- the pipes and ignited the leaking gas.

A) applied
B) constituted
C) melted
D) disguised
E) returned

3. As an international organization, Interpol ---- the police forces of different countries to help each other to solve crimes.

A) conceives
B) derives
C) executes
D) generates
E) enables

4. Because of their workload at schools, teachers have a limited amount of time to ---- with each child.

A) interact
B) separate
C) possess
D) imply
E) transmit

5. The measures taken by the government are obviously intended to --- public confidence in the current economic policy.

A) collaborate
B) restore
C) publish
D) submit
E) surrender

6. Most indigenous peoples of the Americas ---- from people who probably migrated from Siberia across the Bering Strait 50,000 years ago.

A) declined
B) diminished
C) ceased
D) exploited
E) descended

7. Gregorian Calendar, ---- the years from the birth of Christ, has been used since 1582 in Western countries.

A) raising
B) bending
C) counting
D) praising
E) competing

8. Jazz is an American musical art form which ---- around the beginning of the 20th century in African American communities in the Southern United States.

A) considered
B) deteriorated
C) created
D) originated
E) fulfilled

9. Yasar Kemal is one of Turkey's most prominent novelists and his works have been ---- into more than fifty languages.

A) committed
B) promoted
C) translated
D) transformed
E) proclaimed

10. Aside from their clinical use in the treatment of pain, narcotics produce a general sense of well-being, known as euphoria and ---- tension, anxiety and aggression.

A) prohibit
B) devote
C) entail
D) reduce
E) condemn

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