ESL Vocabulary Exercises 15

Choose the right vocabulary to complete the sentences.

1. Some plant species ---- a warm and humid environment to grow well.

A) require
B) represent
C) determine
D) stay
E) collapse

2. Thousands of animal species around the globe are ---- with extinction today.

A) threatened
B) dedicated
C) enriched
D) expired
E) objected

3. After the Ottoman Empire ended, the Republic of Turkey was ---- with its capital in Ankara.

A) exposed
B) passed
C) restricted
D) abolished
E) established

4. If a volcano is considered as active, it means that it may ---- at any time.

A) erupt
B) reside
C) refer
D) acquire
E) gain

5. Today, people have to pay a certain amount of fee to ---- the Internet in many parts of the world.

A) reduce
B) access
C) reverse
D) emerge
E) occur

6. Mr Smith, the head of our department, was forced to ---- early at his forty because of his ill health.

A) range
B) happen
C) revolve
D) retire
E) despise

7. It was possible that many more passengers could have ----, but the ship didn't have enough lifeboats.

A) survived
B) challenged
C) vanished
D) displayed
E) expected

8. The newspaper reports that the team made heroic efforts to ---- the crew of the sinking ship the previous night

A) exceed
B) rescue
C) attend
D) collide
E) launch

9. As the hotel can ---- up to five hundred guests, our boss wants to hold the annual meeting there next month.

A) innovate
B) compensate
C) distract
D) participate
E) accommodate

10. The president ---- the importance of attracting foreign investors to the country in his last speech.

A) endured
B) compelled
C) appeared
D) emphasized
E) resented

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