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On this page, you will find GrammarBank updates, recently modified pages such as new exercises, quizzes, reading articles, etc. Below are all the new material added to GrammarBank with short descriptions. Click on the corresponding links to visit our new pages.

ESL Vocabulary Practice Tests 10

ESL / EFL Vocabulary practice tests for students and teachers-- Multiple choice questions and answers-- Test 10

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ESL Vocabulary Tests 4 - GrammarBank

Great intermediate to advanced multiple choice quizzes with answers for ESL students and teachers

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ESL Vocabulary Quizzes 3

Look up words, test your vocabulary online. ESL Vocabulary Quiz 3 - Printable and online versions available

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Vocabulary Quizzes 2 - ESL / EFL

Printable and online vocabulary quizzes-- Quiz 2-- 10 to 20 multiple choice questions and answers per quiz

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If Clauses Worksheet 4 - GrammarBank

Printable and online mixed IF Clauses exercises with answers for ESL EFL students and teachers

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IF vs Unless Exercise 2 - GrammarBank

Choose IF or Unless exercise with answers - Online and printable version available for teachers

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If Conditionals Tenses Exercise - GrammarBank

If Conditionals Tenses Exercise with answers-- Online and printable-- fill in the blanks with the correct form of the given verb.

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If Clauses Exercises - GrammarBank

Printable and online If Clauses worksheets with answers: real / unreal, past, present, future, first, second and third conditionals

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If Wish Clauses Quiz 5 - GrammarBank

If Conditionals-- First conditional past tense and past perfect tense second conditional mixed quiz - If I hadn't been ... I would have been able to

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If Conditionals Tests 4 - GrammarBank

If conditionals multiple choice tests with answers for students and teachers-- printable and online

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If Wish Clause Quizzes 3

Printable online if wish clauses grammar with free quizzes and answers online - 10 questions each quiz

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If Conditionals Quiz 2 - GrammarBank

If I were a rich man... If wish clauses quizzes and answers - printable and online multiple choice

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If Clauses Quizzes - GrammarBank

Printable and online multiple choice If Wish Clauses Quizzes with answers for ESL EFL teachers and students

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Adjectives / Adverbs Tests - GrammarBank

Printable and online multiple choice Adjectives and Adverbs quizzes with answers for students and teachers.

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Adjectives Adverbs Quizzes 6 - GrammarBank

ESL Teachers and students-- Adjectives / Adverbs online printable quizzes 6... 10 multiple choice questions and answers

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Adjectives Adverbs Quiz 5 - GrammarBank

Printable online Superlatives / Comparatives practice quiz-- The more ... the more grammar, such as, such....

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Adjectives and Adverbs Tests 4

ESL teachers and students-- Online printable adjectives/adverbs tests 4 with answers... As as, such as, more, the most

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Adjectives Adverbs Practice Quiz 2

Such / as / that / so .... Printable and online adjectives adverbs practice quiz with answers for ESL EFL students and teachers

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Comparative Superlative Quiz - GrammarBank

Printable and online Adjectives / Adverbs - Comparative Superlative Quizzes with answers: Older than, the oldest, the tallest...

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Determiners / Quantifiers Tests - GrammarBank

Printable and online Quantifiers / Determiners quizzes-- Many, any, great deal of, a number of, none, whole, a lot, much, a little a few

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Action Verbs / Linking Verbs - Main / Helping Verbs

Categories of verbs-- Main verbs, helping verbs, action verbs and linking verbs differences with examples...

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Modal Verbs Exercises - GrammarBank

Printable and online Modal Verbs exercises with answers- May, must, should, can, could, need to...Modals + Have + V3... positive / negative forms...

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Auxiliary Verbs / Helping Verbs - GrammarBank

An Auxiliary verb, also called a helping verb, has no meaning on its own. To be, have, do, will... see examples and exercises

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Modal Verbs Tests 1 - GrammarBank

Printable and online multiple choice Modal Verbs exercises with answers...Used to, must, may, could have, might have, can...

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Modals Verbs Quiz 3 - GrammarBank

PDF and online Modals Quiz 3 (Advanced) with answers-- Need to, ought to, must, can, could, used to...

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Modal Verbs Quizzes 2 - GrammarBank

PDF and online advanced Modal Verbs Quizzes 2 with answers-- Would rather, may have, must have, could, have to...

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Modal Verbs / Modals Chart - GrammarBank

Modal Verbs Chart - Have to, shall, should, may, must, can, could, supposed to, able to.... express degree of necessity, advisability and certainty.

Continue reading "Modal Verbs / Modals Chart - GrammarBank"

Neednt Have / Didn't Need to - GrammarBank

Differences between needn't have verb3 vs didn't have to or didnt need to... Example sentences and explanations for ESL EFL students

Continue reading "Neednt Have / Didn't Need to - GrammarBank"

Mustn't vs Don't Have To Exercise

Must not vs Don't have to / Don't need to exercise with answers - Printable and online grammar exercises

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CAN vs COULD - GrammarBank

Printable and online Can vs Could Exercise with answers, fill in the blanks with could, couldn't, can't or can.

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Can vs Be Able To Worksheet - GrammarBank

Use verbs with a suitable form of be able to or can-- use correct tenses. Printable and online modal verbs exercises...

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Modal Auxiliaries Exercise - GrammarBank

Printable and online modal auxiliaries exercise with answers for teachers and students-- Could / had to / must / can / may / mustn't / didn't have to...

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So vs Such (A/An) - GrammarBank

Choose So vs Such (A/An) to complete the exercise. Printable and online grammar exercises for teachers and students...

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So ... That / Such ... That - GrammarBank

He is so strong that... He is such a strong man that... So vs Such A- See grammar details with examples

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So...that/Such...that/ Exercise

I love him so much that... She is such a great person that... So...That - Such...That - Such...As exercise with answers online and printable

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As As / Such That / So That

As As, Such That, So That, Such As grammar rules printable and online practice exercises with answers

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ESL Grammar eBooks - GrammarBank

Download and Print Instantly - Beginners to intermediate level grammar eBooks, children's English activities eBooks for ESL and through 6th grade

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ESL Antonyms Worksheet - GrammarBank

Some commonly used vocabulary antonyms exercise for beginners - Choose the opposites of the given adjectives

Continue reading "ESL Antonyms Worksheet - GrammarBank"

Synonyms-Antonyms Worksheet - GrammarBank

Find the synonyms of the words for exercise 1 and find the antonyms in exercise 2. Synonyms antonyms worksheet with answers.

Continue reading "Synonyms-Antonyms Worksheet - GrammarBank"

English Vocabulary Exercises - GrammarBank

ESL/EFL classic and multiple choice vocabulary exercises, word preference, phrasal verbs, synonyms/antonyms, word-definition matching...

Continue reading "English Vocabulary Exercises - GrammarBank"

Clause Matching Worksheets - GrammarBank

Online and printable word-matching-- Match the clauses to make meaningful sentences.

Continue reading "Clause Matching Worksheets - GrammarBank"

Noun Definition Matching Worksheet - GrammarBank

Complete the definitions of the nouns-- Online and printable word-definition matching exercises with answers

Continue reading "Noun Definition Matching Worksheet - GrammarBank"

Vocabulary Definition Matching 2 - GrammarBank

Online and PDF vocabulary definition matching worksheets with answers-- Match the words with their synonyms/definitions

Continue reading "Vocabulary Definition Matching 2 - GrammarBank"

Word Definition Matching Worksheet 1 - GrammarBank

Match the words with their definitions from the definition column. Online and PDF Vocabulary worksheets with answers...

Continue reading "Word Definition Matching Worksheet 1 - GrammarBank"

Vocabulary Match Worksheet 5 - GrammarBank

Match synonyms / definitions with the words in the table - Online and PDF word-definition matching exercises

Continue reading "Vocabulary Match Worksheet 5 - GrammarBank"

Word Matching Worksheet 4 - GrammarBank

Definition - Word matching worksheet, match the definitions with the correct words in the box.

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Who vs Which Exercise 3 - GrammarBank

Fill in the blanks with the Relative Pronouns who OR which printable and online exercise with answers

Continue reading "Who vs Which Exercise 3 - GrammarBank"

Which or Where Exercise - GrammarBank

Printable and online relative pronouns which vs where exercise with answers- Complete the sentences with which or where

Continue reading "Which or Where Exercise - GrammarBank"

Frequency Adverbs Percentages Exercise 2

I am ready (100%). I am always ready. Adverbs of frequency percentages exercise with answers

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