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On this page, you will find GrammarBank updates, recently modified pages such as new exercises, quizzes, reading articles, etc. Below are all the new material added to GrammarBank with short descriptions. Click on the corresponding links to visit our new pages.

Phrasal Verbs Drag and Drop 3

Phrasal verbs-- Drag and Drop Exercises 3-- Drag the correct phrasal verbs into the answer boxes

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Reading Comprehension 73 - GrammarBank

Reading Article 73-- What is a Virus Made Of-- ESL reading comprehension tests with answers to practice reading skills

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Action Verbs vs Linking Verbs

Verb categories-- Main verbs, helping verbs, action verbs, linking verbs differences explanations with examples...

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Much vs Many Exercise 2 - Drag & Drop

Drag and drop printable Much / Many exercise-- Drag much or many into the answer area to complete exercise

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Drag and Drop Grammar Exercises

(Printable) Drag and Drop grammar exercises covering variety of subjects-- Answer the questions by dragging the options into the correct answer area.

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Much vs Many Exercise - Drag & Drop

Printable drag and drop Much vs Many exercise with answers for ESL students and teachers

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Adjunct Meaning / Examples - GrammarBank

What is an adjunct? What is it used for? Explanations with example sentences

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Countable Uncountable Nouns Exercise 2

Choose whether the nouns are countable or uncountable exercise 2 - Printable and online versions available

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Too or Enough - GrammarBank

Too vs Enough explanations with examples and exercises - more or less than necessary

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Prepositional Phrase - GrammarBank

A prepositional phrase is a combination of a noun phrase and a preposition. As post modifier, adverbial, adverb...

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Annotation Tips - GrammarBank

Effective reading, highlighting and using symbols for students, annotation is the systematic marking of a text. It allows you to absorb more information...

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Abbreviation Rules - GrammarBank

Abbreviation rules: abbreviate titles, the names of familiar institutions, terms used with numbers, common Latin terms... Do not abbreviate in formal writing. Add -s for the plural form abbreviation..

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Count Non-Count Nouns Exercise 1

Countable vs Uncountable nouns exercise for students, choose whether the following nouns are count or non-count

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When / While / As - GrammarBank

We use when / while / as to talk about situations or actions that occur simultaneously. We use reductions with when and while. The different uses, explanations and example sentences online

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Short Reading Article 52 - Greek Homer

ESL reading practice articles online-- Answer the questions about short readings. Greek Homer, Odyssey, Troy

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ESL Reading Article 47 - First Novel

Short reading article with reading comprehension questions-- Reading 47-- Novelist Samuel Richardson

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Countable Uncountable Nouns - GrammarBank

Countable nouns and uncountable nouns details with examples-- Quantifiers used with count and non-count nouns...

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Short ESL Article 38 - Obesity

Short ESL article 38 - Read about struggle against obesity and answer the following questions

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Else / Elses / Or Else - GrammarBank

Fill in the blank with else, or else, elses. English as a second language exercises for students and teachers.

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K12 Reading Comprehension Passages

Near 100 interesting k12 reading comprehension passages with questions for 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade or 5th grade kids

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Reading Comprehension 62 - Mental Illnesses

Short article about mental illnesses for ESL / EFL students - Answer the questions after reading the article and test you comprehension skills.

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ESL Reading Comprehension 46 - GrammarBank

ESL reading article 46-- Note taking while reading a novel, read the short passage and answer the questions.

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ESL Reading Article 39 - Pride and Prejudice

Read a short paragraph about Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and answer the 3 questions about the paragraph

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Free Reading Comprehension Worksheets 24 - Active Passive Smoking

Short article about active and deprived smoking / nicotine with follow up comprehension questions

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Short ESL Readings - Article 22

Answer the questions regarding the short ESL reading articles and check your answers - Women Taking the Husband's Name

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Possessive Adjective Exercises 2

My, your, his, her, its, our, their... Possessive adjectives exercise 2 - choose the correct possessives and check your answers

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Reading Comprehension - Article 32

How to Discipline Children's Behavior - Improve your reading skills with interesting reading comprehension articles.

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Nominalization - GrammarBank

Nominalization definition, examples, see list of common noun forming suffixes rules details

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Participle Clauses Exercise - GrammarBank

PDF and online version participle clauses worksheet with answers for ESL teachers and students

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Reading Tests 68 - GrammarBank

Reading Comprehension 68-- Insects and agriculture-- Answer the questions according to the short article.

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Short Reading Article 31 - Speaking vs Listening

English short reading article 31 - Short articles with reading comprehension questions and answers

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Free ESL EFL Quizzes 18 - Mixed

Printable and online ESL multiple choice grammar quizzes with answers-- QUIZ 18

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Polite Requests How To - GrammarBank

How to ask people to do things politely, asking for and giving permission, offering an invitation... Informally to a friend, formally to a stranger

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Free ESL/EFL Readings 64

Printable ESL EFL reading materials for teachers and students online - Short articles followed by comprehension questions and answers.

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Free Reading Comprehension Practice 35 - Grammar Bank

Practice your English online by answering questions about near 100 short articles. Reading Comprehension Practice 35 - TV Effects on Children

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Basic Composition Writing Steps

Step by step basic composition writing-- Brainstorming, putting your ideas in order, drafting, revising / proofreading and completing your composition.

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Present Perfect vs Simple Past Exercise

Printable/Online present perfect vs simple past tense worksheet with answers--fill in the blanks worksheet

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Causatives - GrammarBank

Causatives Examples / Exercises-- Types: have / get something done OR have somebody do / get somebody to do something...

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Adverbials - GrammarBank

Printable adverbials grammar, rules explanations, examples with exercises for ESL students

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No / Every Compound Forms

Printable No & Every compounds examples and exercise-- Singulars, plurals, positives and negatives--- Nobody (no one) / Nothing / Nowhere / Everybody (Everyone) / Everything / Everywhere

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Short Reading Exercise 74 - SUKARNO

Short ESL reading about SUKARNO with comprehension questions and answers online

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ESL Reading Worksheets 19 - Filmmaking

Free Reading Passages 19-- Tens of articles with comprehension questions for k12 and ESL

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ESL Reading Passage 48 - Aristotle and Galen

Short paragraph about Aristotle and Galen for ESL reading practice-- Read and answer the questions about Aristotle and Galen

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Prometheus and Fire - ESL Article 56

English reading passages for ESL EFL teachers and students. Reading 56 - Prometheus and Fire

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Reading Comprehension Questions - Passage 60

Short paragraph about sugar and its structure for ESL EFL students with follow up questions and answers...

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Reading Comprehension 13 - Early Humans

Reading comprehension Exercise 13-- Early humans short article with follow up questions for teachers and students

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Common Nouns vs Proper Nouns Exercise

Printable/Online common nouns vs proper nouns exercise 2 - Choose common or proper for each of the nouns

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Concrete vs Abstract Nouns Exercise 2 - GrammarBank

Choose concrete vs abstract nouns exercise 2 - Printable and online version available with answers

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My Friend and Me / My Friend and I

Which is Correct? My friend and I or my friend and me? It depends. See explanations with examples...

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