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On this page, you will find GrammarBank updates, recently modified pages such as new exercises, quizzes, reading articles, etc. Below are all the new material added to GrammarBank with short descriptions. Click on the corresponding links to visit our new pages.

Must & Have/Has To - GrammarBank

Difference between must and have to/has to meanings, grammar rules with examples and exercises

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Must/Mustn't vs Have To Exercises 2

Choose must vs have/has to and negative forms mustn't vs don't have to exercise with answers

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Possessive Adjectives vs Possessive Pronouns

Choose possessive adjective or possessive pronoun exercise with answers-- My/Mine - Your/Yours - Her/Hers...

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Possessive Adjectives - GrammarBank

My, Your, His / Her / Its, Our, Your, Their - possessive adjectives explanations with examples and exercise for beginners

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Possessive Pronouns - GrammarBank

Possessive pronouns table, as subject or object, with examples and exercises-- Apostrophe in ITS and Apostrophe for possession explanations

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Possessive Pronouns Exercise 2 - GrammarBank

Complete with the correct possessive pronouns exercise-- choose Mine / Yours / His/Hers/Its / Ours / Theirs

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Subject Pronouns - GrammarBank

I, You, He / She / It, We, You, They - Subject pronouns details with examples and exercises

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Personal Pronouns - GrammarBank

Personal pronouns table - Object pronouns, subject pronouns and possessive pronouns-- I, you, she... My, your, his... Mine, yours hers...

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Personal Pronouns Worksheet - GrammarBank

Personal pronouns worksheets with answers-- Choose him and me / he and I... You and me / you and I... Me and them...

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Relative Pronouns Exercises - GrammarBank

Choose who / that / which / when / where / whose / why... Mixed relative pronouns exercise with answers

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Relative Pronouns - GrammarBank

Detailed explanations of relative pronouns with examples and exercises-- Who vs Whom, which vs that, whose, whomever...

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Of Which / Of Whom / Whose - GrammarBank

Relative clauses grammar-- Of Whom / Of Which / Of Whose with examples and exercises

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Relative Clause Example Sentences - GrammarBank

Relative clauses example sentences--- Combine two sentences using who, which, whom, that, in which...

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Relative/Adjective Clauses Exercise - GrammarBank

Choose the correct relative clauses exercise-- Whom, who, whose, which, that, of whom, when, in which, of which, where...

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Adjective / Relative Clauses - GrammarBank

Use of who, which, that, whose, whom, of which, of whom... defining and non-defining relative clauses with examples

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Relative Pronouns Exercises 2 - GrammarBank

Choose the correct relative pronouns exercise-- Who, whom, whose, where, that, which...

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Pronouns - GrammarBank

Detailed pronouns explanations with examples and exercises-- Personal pronouns, reflexive, relative, impersonal, reciprocal, possessive, demonstrative...

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Reported Speech Questions - GrammarBank

How to put direct questions into indirect speech--- Reported speech for questions with question words and with helping verbs (Yes/No questions)

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Reported Speech Yes/No Questions

Reported speech questions with Yes/No questions exercise - Convert Yes/No questions into indirect speech statements

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Reported Speech - GrammarBank

How to convert from direct speech to reported speech- Tense shift- Reported questions, commands/requests/exclamations...

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Reported Speech Imperatives Exercise

Reported speech imperatives exercise with answers-- Change the sentences from direct to indirect speech.

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Reported Speech Examples 2 - GrammarBank

Reported speech complex sentence examples to practice- Both direct speech and indirect speech forms of the same sentences

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Reported Speech Examples - GrammarBank

Both direct speech and reported speech forms of sentences to practice-- Try converting from direct to indirect speech.

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Reported Speech Tense Chart - GrammarBank

Reported speech tense chart showing indirect speech to direct speech tense shift-- Present simple to past simple, present continuous to past continuous, etc.

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Reported Speech Requests/Exclamations/Commands

Reported speech commands/requests/exclamations, how to convert from direct to indirect rules, explanations and examples

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So...That / Such...That Exercise

So..that vs such...that exercise-- Hawaii is so beautiful that I want to live there. Hawaii has such wonderful beaches that I never want to go home.

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So / Such / Such A - GrammarBank

So vs Such vs Such A-- Grammar exercises with answers; choose the correct option... For students and teachers

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By vs Until/Till Exercise - GrammarBank

By tomorrow, until tomorrow, till Monday... Choose by vs until / till exercise with answers

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Subject Verb Agreement - GrammarBank

Subject verb agreement rules with charts, examples with online and printable exercises for students and teachers

Continue reading "Subject Verb Agreement - GrammarBank"

Tense Agreement - GrammarBank

Tense agreement rules explanations with example sentences and exercises - Talking about the same event, different event at different times...

Continue reading "Tense Agreement - GrammarBank"

Tense Agreement Exercise - GrammarBank

Printable tense agreement exercise with answers online - Complete the sentences in correct tenses

Continue reading "Tense Agreement Exercise - GrammarBank"

Be Going To Future - GrammarBank

Be going to future tense detailed grammar and usage with examples and exercises- Forming sentences in affirmative, negative, positive forms...

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Simple Future Tense Will - GrammarBank

Simple future tense (also known as will future) detailed explanations with examples and exercises

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Simple Future Will Exercise - GrammarBank

Simple future (will) exercise with answers to understand the basic grammar and usage of this tense

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Altogether vs All Together - GrammarBank

Adverb altogether vs the phrase all together meanings, differences and sample sentences

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Affect or Effect - GrammarBank

How did it affect you? How are the sound effects? See affect vs effect differences with examples and exercises

Continue reading "Affect or Effect - GrammarBank"

To See vs Watch vs Look - GrammarBank

Watch a movie vs see a movie... See vs Watch vs Look differences with examples and exercises

Continue reading "To See vs Watch vs Look - GrammarBank"

Fit vs Suit - GrammarBank

Fit and suit have different meaning and usage. It fits me / It suits me, see fit vs suit differences with examples and exercises

Continue reading "Fit vs Suit - GrammarBank"

Accept / Except / Expect - GrammarBank

These words confusingly sound/look similar, except, as you would expect, they have different meanings. See the differences with examples and exercises.

Continue reading "Accept / Except / Expect - GrammarBank"

All vs Whole - GrammarBank

All the time vs the whole time - See all vs whole differences with examples and exercises

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All vs Whole Exercise - GrammarBank

All vs Whole exercise with answers - All day or whole day? See the differences with exercises and examples

Continue reading "All vs Whole Exercise - GrammarBank"

Quantifiers / Determiners Practice Chart - GrammarBank

Given a list of Quantifiers/Determiners, choose the applicable ones for each of the given sentences

Continue reading "Quantifiers / Determiners Practice Chart - GrammarBank"

English Grammar Exercises / Worksheets With Answers

Online grammar exercises for ESL, EFL, K12 level - 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade mostly elementary school level

Continue reading "English Grammar Exercises / Worksheets With Answers"

Quantifiers Exercise 2 - GrammarBank

Quantifiers Exercise 2 - Choose from A few / few - a little / little... and Choose from A/An, Some/Any

Continue reading "Quantifiers Exercise 2 - GrammarBank"

Quantifiers Exercise 3 - GrammarBank

Quantifiers Exercise 3 - Choose from much, many, few, little, a few, a little and some.

Continue reading "Quantifiers Exercise 3 - GrammarBank"

Apostrophe Rules with Exercise - GrammarBank

See apostrophe rules with examples and exercises- Avoid common apostrophe mistakes, apostrophe 's' as possessive, for word contraction...

Continue reading "Apostrophe Rules with Exercise - GrammarBank"

Apostrophe 'S' Rules Exercise - GrammarBank

Apostrophe 'S' rules as possessive 'S' and as contracted IS/HAS exercise - Decide what it stands for

Continue reading "Apostrophe 'S' Rules Exercise - GrammarBank "

Transitive Intransitive Verbs Exercise - GrammarBank

Decide whether the verbs are transitive or intransitive; grammar exercise with answers onine

Continue reading "Transitive Intransitive Verbs Exercise - GrammarBank"

Word Contractions - GrammarBank

I'd better go. I'm fine. He're we are... Negative and positive contractions, commonly used word contractions list with details

Continue reading "Word Contractions - GrammarBank"

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