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USA British Flags On this page, you will find GrammarBank updates, recently modified pages such as new exercises, quizzes, reading articles, etc. Below are all the new material added to GrammarBank with short descriptions. Click on the corresponding links to visit our new pages.

Simple Present Tense Exercise

Simple present tense mixed exercises with answers to learn the most basic verb tense of the English language

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Crucigramas y Sopa de Letras en Inglés

Imprimir juegos de palabras en Inglés gratis para Niños en edad de preescolar o para niños mayores que estan aprendiendo ESL

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Diccionario Visual Inglés Para Niños

Diccionario de Inglés visual - Encontraras hojas de vocabulario imprimibles para ninos con coloridos dibujos

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Simple Present Third Person Singular Exercise

My brother studies, he watches, she cooks... Simple present third person singular form exercise with answers

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Causative Worksheet - Have/Get Something Done

Get/have something done - Get someone TO DO something... Causative worksheet with answers to practice the grammar

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Adjective or Adverb Exercise - GrammarBank

Choose the correct version of the words... adjective or adverb (ly) exercises and answers

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Present Progressive Tense Spelling Rules

See spelling rules for the present progressive (continuous) tense with examples and explanations

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Much vs Many Exercise - GrammarBank

Select much or many for the corresponding 20 words including countable uncountable nouns, regular and irregular plurals...

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A vs AN Exercise - GrammarBank

Indefinite articles A vs AN exercise, a book, an octopus, a bus, an elephant... See answers and details

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Verb Tenses Chart - GrammarBank

Verb tenses timeline with explanations and example sentences - Simple tenses, progressive tenses, perfect tenses

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Stative Verbs - GrammarBank

The verbs that describe a state are called state or stative verbs. See rules with examples

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Action Verbs / Linking Verbs - Main / Helping Verbs

Verbs can be categorized into four groups, main verbs, helping verbs, action verbs and linking verbs.

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It's About/High Time Grammar

It is about time / It's high time you did something... See the grammar explanations with sample usage

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While vs During - GrammarBank

While vs During difference, the difference is significant and easy to learn, see grammar explanations with examples

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Shall vs Will - GrammarBank

Shall/Shan't vs Will/Won't difference, Shall in suggestions, and Shall vs Should in question form - See explanations and examples

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For vs During - GrammarBank

Difference between for and during usage - See explanations with examples for ESL students

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Too or Enough - GrammarBank

Too vs Enough explanations with examples and exercises - more or less than necessary

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Cohesive Devices - GrammarBank

Complete list of cohesive devices and types - Link sentences, paragraphs or any pieces of text to make the content coherent.

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Altogether vs All Together - GrammarBank

Adverb altogether vs the phrase all together meanings, differences and sample sentences

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Cours de Grammaire Anglais - GrammarBank

Leçons de grammaire en Anglaise - Les cours en ligne sont très pratiques pour apprendre et pour exceller dans les règles de grammaire Anglais

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Fit or Suit - GrammarBank

Fit and suit are different and they cannot be used interchangeably, see the difference with examples

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Advice or Advise - GrammarBank

To advise someone vs to give someone advice, see differences with examples and quick exercise to supplement

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Accept vs Except vs Expect - GrammarBank

These words confusingly sound/look similar, except, as you would expect, they have different meanings.

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Affect or Effect - GrammarBank

Affect and Effect are so much confused with each other that many users believe there is no difference between them though there is.

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To See vs Watch vs Look - GrammarBank

These three may easily be confused by English learners. See the differences between watch, look and see.

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Ejercicios Inglés PDF Gratis

Varios hojas de trabajo imprimibles en Inglés PDF gratis descargables para profesores de primaria o secundaria

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The Personal Essay - GrammarBank

Applying for admissions to UC or scholarship? Personal essay writing steps and tips

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Using Sentence Hints for Word Meanings

Along with the context clues, use sentence hints to find the meanings of difficult words

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Fun Grammar Challenge - 150 Seconds

Fun learning with timed grammar challenge - Answer as many questions as you can in 150 seconds and get listed in our leaderboard.

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Beginners Grammar Challenge - 120 Seconds

Basic grammar fun - Answer as many questions as you can in 120 seconds and get listed in our leaderboard.

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Vocabulary Challenge - 100 Seconds

Answer as many questions as you can in 100 seconds. Learn new vocab pushing for a high score in this fun vocabulary challenge game.

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ESL Quiz Applications For Mobile/Tablet

English teaching quiz applications for mobile devices and tablets, download for Apple, Kindle and Android systems

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Family Tree Relationship Names in English

Learn the detailed family tree in English, married and unmarried, with in-laws... uncle, aunt, nephew, cousin, cousin once removed, niece-in-law

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Body Parts Names in English

Printable human body and face parts names in English for kids and ESL teachers, learners

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Apprendre L'anglais en Ligne

Nous vous offrons une opportunité a parvenir des centaines de feuilles d'exercices imprimables en ligne,EFL ESL quizzes, des leçons, des feuilles de lecture-compréhension, des feuilles pour écrire des compositions, pratique de vocabulaire et aussi jeux de vocabulaire pour enfants

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My Friend and Me or My Friend and I

Which is correct? My friend and I or my friend and me? See explanations and examples to clarify your thoughts

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Des Tests Faciles en Anglais - Niveau élémentaire / Primaire

Pratiquer la grammaire anglaise avec les tests faciles et réponses. Règles essentiels de la grammaire Anglaisedes

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Nominalization - GrammarBank

Nominalization definition, examples, see list of common noun forming suffixes rules details

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Phoneme and Morpheme - GrammarBank

A phoneme is the smallest unit (sound) of language serves to distinguish words. See phoneme and morpheme, a phoneme vs a letter details and examples

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Temporal Conjunctions - GrammarBank

A list of commonly used temporal conjunctions - these connectives answers the question when, they tell us about the time

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Phrase Reading Exercise PDF

Printable phrase reading exercise to help you to read rhythmically, rapidly, and with broader eye span

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Crossword and WordSerch For Kids / ESL

English teaching games, printable crossword and wordsearch vocabulary activities for kids, preschoolers or older ESL students.

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Verbs Word Games For Kids

Download and print verbs crossword, wordsearch and puzzle games with pictures for kids

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Animals Word Games For Kids

Download and print animals picture crossword and word puzzle games for kids and ESL / EFL students

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Adjectives WordSearch For Kids

3 Printable color adjectives wordsearch with pictures for kids, look at the images and find the meanings in wordsearch

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Buildings and Places Picture Dictionary

Several printable colorful picture dictionaries describing buildings, places and landscapes for Kids

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Classroom Items / Education Pictionary For Kids

4 Printable picture vocabularies for kids describing classroom items, education related words

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Vocabulary With Pictures For Kids

Free printable colorful picture dictionary for children, elementary vocabulary activities for preschoolers or English as a second language students

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Occupations Pictionary For Kids

4 Colorful picture vocabularies describing occupations for kids and ESL students

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