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On this page, you will find GrammarBank updates, recently modified pages such as new exercises, quizzes, reading articles, etc. Below are all the new material added to GrammarBank with short descriptions. Click on the corresponding links to visit our new pages.

Vehicles Word Games For Kids

Vehicle names and transportation colorful crossword and wordsearch games for kids

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Vehicle Names / Transportation Vocabulary

For Kids - Colorful picture dictionaries describing vehicle names and transportation vocabulary

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Because vs Because Of Exercise

Complete the sentences with because or because of exercise with answers - Because I want to, because of me...

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Must Have / Should Have + V3 Exercise

He must have forgotten, he should have left... Choose between Must have and should have + V3 exercise

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Auxiliary Verb or Main Verb Exercise

To be, have, will, do...Decide whether the verb is an auxiliary verb or the main/full verb for this exercise

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Despite / In Spite Of / Though / Although

Fill in the blanks with the correct alternative - Despite vs in spite of, although, despite the fact that Exercise with answers

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Although/Though -- In Spite Of/Despite

Explanations and examples to help distinguish although/though from despite/in spite of usage

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Despite and In Spite Of - GammarBank

Despite and in spite of are two conjunctions of contrast that are confused. These two can be used interchangeably and they are no different from one another

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Present Perfect / Present Perfect Continuous 1

Present Perfect vs Present Perfect Continuous (progressive) exercises 1, practice perfect tenses

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Perfect Tenses Mixed Exercise - GrammarBank

Mixed perfect tenses exercise with answers - Complete sentences with simple perfect, future perfect, past perfect, perfect continuous... form of given verbs

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Simple Perfect vs Perfect Continuous (Progressive) Tenses Worksheet

English perfect tenses grammar exercises - Simple perfect tenses vs perfect continuous tenses worksheet with answers (Future perfect progressive, past perfect progressive, present perfect progressive)

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Say vs Tell Exercises - ESL Grammar

Said vs Told / Say vs Tell Exercises with answers online - Fill in the blanks - He said that / He told me that worksheet...

Continue reading "Say vs Tell Exercises - ESL Grammar"

It's About/High Time Somebody Did Something Meaning

The meaning of "It is about time" / "It's high time somebody did something" using in correct verb tense, grammar rules, examples and exercises

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It's Time Somebody Did Something Grammar

Grammar exercise to practice usage of "It's time somebody did something" expression

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Non Progressive Verbs List - See vs Seeing

Certain verbs are not used with continuous tenses although it is tempting to use continuous tense. I see vs I am seeing, think vs thinking, have vs having, see seeing, Non Progressive Verbs List

Continue reading "Non Progressive Verbs List - See vs Seeing"

Non-Progressive Verbs Exercise - GrammarBank

Use the correct form to complete the sentences - Progressive or Non-progressive exercise with answers

Continue reading "Non-Progressive Verbs Exercise - GrammarBank"

Telling the Date Exercise

Practice exercise for reading and writing the dates in British English and American English.

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Read / Write Dates Exercise

Practice exercises teaching how to read and write dates in American and British English

Continue reading "Read / Write Dates Exercise"

Read Write Dates Exercise 2

Practice exercises teaching how to read and write dates in British English format

Continue reading "Read Write Dates Exercise 2"

Would You Mind Grammar Exercise

Grammar exercise for use of-- Would you mind turning down the volume? Would you mind if you turned down the volume...

Continue reading "Would You Mind Grammar Exercise"

Mustn't vs Don't Have To Exercise

Must not vs Don't have to / Don't need to exercise with answers - Learn the difference by examples

Continue reading "Mustn't vs Don't Have To Exercise"

Gerunds Infinitives Exercises With Answers - GrammarBank

Gerunds vs infinitives exercises, complete the sentences with gerund (ing) or infinitive (to) form of verbs

Continue reading "Gerunds Infinitives Exercises With Answers - GrammarBank"

Gerunds Infinitives Exercise 7 - GrammarBank

Gerund vs Infinitives exercises 7 - Choose gerund 'ing' or infinitive 'to' form of the given verbs to complete the sentences

Continue reading "Gerunds Infinitives Exercise 7 - GrammarBank"

Colors Exercises For Kids - GrammarBank

Colors exercise for kids - Look at the pictures of animals and shapes, choose what color they are. Also in PDF

Continue reading "Colors Exercises For Kids - GrammarBank"

Subject Verb Agreement with Exercises

Subject verb agreement explained with charts and examples, also see online and PDF exercises on subject

Continue reading "Subject Verb Agreement with Exercises"

So / Neither / Either / Too Expressions

Short answers - Neither/nor do I, so do I, me too, I don't either... expressions with examples and exercise

Continue reading "So / Neither / Either / Too Expressions"

So / Neither / Either / Too Exercise

Exercise with - Neither do I, so do I, me neither, me too, I don't either, so was I, etc. complete the sentences

Continue reading "So / Neither / Either / Too Exercise"

Lie / Lay / Laid / Lain - GrammarBank

Lie vs Lay clarification, lie past tense lay vs laid, lie lay past participles usage, examples, lie in bed vs lay in bed

Continue reading "Lie / Lay / Laid / Lain - GrammarBank"

Either Or Neither Nor - Conjunctions

Use either....or to indicate that there are two possibilities/alternatives but not both. Neither nor is used when...

Continue reading "Either Or Neither Nor - Conjunctions"

Neither Nor Either So But Worksheet

English Conjunctions Exercises - Neither nor, either, too, so, but grammar worksheet with answers free online

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Crossword and WordSerch For Kids / ESL

English teaching games, printable crossword and wordsearch vocabulary activities for kids, preschoolers or older ESL students.

Continue reading "Crossword and WordSerch For Kids / ESL"

Crucigramas y Sopa de Letras en Inglés

Imprimir juegos de palabras en Inglés gratis para Niños en edad de preescolar o para niños mayores que estan aprendiendo ESL

Continue reading "Crucigramas y Sopa de Letras en Inglés"

American vs British English Vocabulary Preference

A list of commonly used words that differ in American English and British English

Continue reading "American vs British English Vocabulary Preference"

American and British English Differences

English language is used differently in United States and in England and in some other English speaking countries. There are some grammatical differences, vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation...

Continue reading "American and British English Differences"

Classroom Items School Puzzles For Kids

Download and print picture word games, word search, puzzle describing classroom items / education vocabulary for children

Continue reading "Classroom Items School Puzzles For Kids"

Occupations Word Games For Kids

Download and print word search and word puzzle games describing occupations for children

Continue reading "Occupations Word Games For Kids"

Occupations Pictionary For Kids

4 Colorful picture vocabularies describing occupations for kids and ESL students

Continue reading "Occupations Pictionary For Kids"

Indefinite Articles - A / AN

When to use 'a' and when to use 'an' indefinite articles rules with examples and exercises

Continue reading "Indefinite Articles - A / AN"

WH Questions - GrammarBank

The interrogatives, WH question words who, which, what, and where - see examples and exercises

Continue reading "WH Questions - GrammarBank"

Verb Tenses Chart - GrammarBank

Verb tenses timeline with explanations and example sentences - Simple tenses, progressive tenses, perfect tenses

Continue reading "Verb Tenses Chart - GrammarBank"

Verbs Word Games For Kids

Download and print verbs crossword, wordsearch and puzzle games with pictures for kids

Continue reading "Verbs Word Games For Kids"

Verbs Pictures to Download and Print

Several Images describing action verbs for children or for older ESL students - download FREE

Continue reading "Verbs Pictures to Download and Print"

Building and Place Names Word Games

Wordsearch, crossword and puzzles teaching building and place names with picture vocabulary

Continue reading "Building and Place Names Word Games"

Household Items Word Puzzles For Kids

Download and print kids word puzzles, crossword, wordsearch teaching household item names

Continue reading "Household Items Word Puzzles For Kids"

Household Items Vocabulary For Kids

Printable vocabulary activities with pictures for kids online. Great for preschool teachers, ESL kids to learn new vocabulary

Continue reading "Household Items Vocabulary For Kids"

Food and Drinks Word Games Kids

Download and print vocabulary activities for kids teaching types of food and drink names

Continue reading "Food and Drinks Word Games Kids"

Food and Drinks Picture Vocabulary

Free printable food and drinks picture vocabulary for kids online - Great for children, ESL, new learners

Continue reading "Food and Drinks Picture Vocabulary"

Clothing and Accessories Word Puzzles Kids

Download and print colorful word puzzles teaching clothing and accessories vocabulary for kids.

Continue reading "Clothing and Accessories Word Puzzles Kids"

Clothing and Accessories Pictionary

5 different picture vocabulary sheets describing clothes and accessories for children and ESL / EFL adults

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