Modal Verbs Exercises

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Modal Verbs Chart


1. Must vs Have To / Has To
2. Can vs Be Able To With Tenses
3. Must, Mustn't, Needn't, Have To
4. Can vs Could Exercise
5. Modals With Passive Voice
6. Modal Verbs With Passives 2

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Complete the following exercise with past modal verbs. Use the correct form of the verbs in parentheses. Choose between affirmative and negative.

1. I got a C on my math test. I (should / do) better

than that.

2. Don't be so hard on yourself. It (may / be) your

fault. It just (could / be) a more difficult test

than usual.

3. No, it (could / be) that difficult. The rest of the

class did pretty well. I (should / study) harder.

4. What you (could / do) differently?

5. Well, for one thing, I (should / miss) that day of


6. You missed a day? Did you get the notes?

7. No, I (ought to / copy) them. Some of the problems

which I got wrong (must / come) from that day.