Must / Musn't / Needn't / Have To

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Must vs Have to / Has to

Fill in the blanks with must, mustn't, have, has, don't / doesn't have, needn't.

1. You ---- bring your tracksuits when you have PE (Physical Education) classes.

2. The desks ---- to be left clean before going home.

3. Those people who will take the exam ---- chew gum or make any noise.

4. The workbooks ---- be brought to the class if there is no homework.

5. Students ---- to pay for the transportation because it is free.

6. If a student breaks a school rule, s/he ---- to stay at school after the classes.

7. Students ---- carry any object that might cause injuries.

8. You ---- hand in your assignment before the deadline.

9. At this school, girls ---- to wear a grey skirt and black shoes.

10. Students ---- stay at school during lunch break and they may go out.

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