Must / Musn't / Needn't / Have To

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Must & Have To / Has To

Fill in the blanks with must, mustn't, have / has (not) , needn't.

1. You ---- bring your tracksuits for your PE (Physical Education) classes.

2. The monitors ---- to be cleaned before leaving every night. That's number 1 rule.

3. Those who finish their exam ---- start making noise.

4. The workbooks ---- be brought to the class unless I tell you to bring them.

5. Students ---- to pay for the transportation as the university has its own bus system.

6. If a student breaks a school rule, s/he ---- to stay at school after hours to meet with the principle.

7. Students ---- come to class late.

8. You ---- hand in your assignment before the deadline.

9. This is a private school, so the students ---- to wear their uniforms at all times.

10. Students ---- stay at school during lunch break, they can go out.

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