Passive Voice Exercises

A) Form passive voice in appropriate tenses for the following exercise.

1.(TV / invent / Baird)

2.(Pyramids / build / Egyptians)

3.(milk / produce / cows)

4.(coffee / grow / in Brazil)

5.(chopsticks / use / in China)

6.(plants / water / everyday)

7.(the robber / arrest / policeman / yesterday)

8.(injured marines / take to a hospital / now)

9.(the truck / repair / tomorrow)

10.(the letters / send / last week)

B) Complete the exercise with be or get passive forms and the indicated verbs. Use 'be' unless 'get' specified.

1-2. Where ? (the missing child / find)

    She (discover) walking barefoot along

    the beach.

3. How do you think the team is going to do this year?

    Pretty well, except that I'm sure they'll

    (get / beat) by Central University.

4. What happened to your car?

    It (get / hit) by a truck.

5-6. Jim, (we / getting / overcharge) for

    six months.

    I think we ought to . (have / the

    company / investigate) I've heard the same complaint from the neighbors.

7-8. Why are these floors so dirty?

    (they / not / clean) every day?

    Normally, yes, but somehow the cleaning (not /

    get / do) this morning.

9-11. Please don't give food to the animals. They (feed)

    on a special diet.

    OK. Will we be able to see the animals (getting /

    feed) while we're here at the zoo?

    Yes. (they / will / feed) at five o'clock today.

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