First Conditional IF Exercise 2

Supply the suitable forms of the verbs in brackets.

1. If you don't study regularly, you (fail) in your exams.

2. If David (arrive) on time, I will be very surprised.

3. If we don't protect the tigers, they (extinct) soon.

4. You can see better if you (turn on) the light .

5. If you don't take a cab now, I am afraid we (be) late for the meeting.

6. If Andre (get) a decent job offer, he will settle down here.

7. If My mother (put aside) enough money, she will buy a new dress for herself.

8. The teacher (be) very angry if Lucas doesn't hand in his assignment today.

9. Robin (do) the shopping if I cook dinner.

10. If we don't put on our jackets, we (catch) cold.

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