First Conditional IF (Open Condition)

First conditional if, also known as type one conditional, is when the condition to be met is open. The condition statement can be met in present or future time. If the condition is met, then the dependent follows.

If it rains, we get wet.
If it rains, we will get wet.
If it doesn't rain, we won't get wet

If it rains...
It might rain, or might not. It is an open condition. (Assuming no weather forecast information available)

Type 1 Conditional Grammar

If + Subject + simple present tense + Subject 2 + simple present/future tense + verb

If it doesn't rain tomorrow, we will go on a picnic.
If she fails that exam, her life will change a lot.
If he has time, Arthur will tidy his room.
If it doesn't rain, I will visit you tomorrow.
If it isn't her day off tomorrow, I'll go shopping alone.
If you go to the picnic, you will have a good time.
If you run, you can catch the train.
If you are tired, you must go to bed early.
If you want to pass the course, you must study harder.
If you are sick, you should stay home.


The main clause and if clause can be in reversed order.

Arthur will tidy his room if he has time.
They will come to the cinema with us if they can leave work early.
I will visit my parents after work if I have time.
I will drive there if there is no traffic.

Perhaps she will come tomorrow. Then we will study together.
If she comes tomorrow, we will study together.

Perhaps she will get her salary next week. Then she'll pay back what she owes me.
If she gets her salary next week, she will pay back what she owes me.

Perhaps there will be another rise in prices soon. Then everybody will suffer.
If there is another rise in prices soon, everybody will suffer.

Perhaps it won't be her day off tomorrow. Then I'll go shopping alone.

First Conditional IF With Imperative

a. If you don't feel well, don't go to the party!
b. If it rains, take your umbrella!
c. If it's cold, wear a jacket.
d. If you want me to be nice to you, be nice to me.

Quick Exercise

Supply the suitable forms of the verbs in brackets.

1. If it rains tomorrow, we (stay) at home.

2. If Walter (get) the job, he can earn a lot of money.

3. If it (not rain) this afternoon, we will play soccer.

4. If I (see) Emily, I will give her the book.

5. If you don't hurry, we (be) late for class.

6. If Helen drives carefully, she (not have) any accidents.

7. If you (mail) the letter now, he may receive it on Friday.

8. He will go to the pharmacy if he (need) some medicine.

9. If Robin (drink) too much coffee, he will feel ill.

10. If you see Rachel, (tell) her to visit my sister.

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