When vs If vs Unless Exercises

A. Complete the exercise with If or Unless.

1. you drive more carefully, you will have an accident.

2. you prune these trees, they won’t grow well.

3. He’ll get lost someone shows him the way.

4. you practice your Russian, you can improve it quickly.

5. you don’t hurry, you’ll be late for school again.

6. there is oxygen, fire cannot burn.

7. you go to bed late, you’ll feel tired in the morning.

8. My parents will be angry I pass my exams.

9. You can’t travel abroad you don’t have a passport.

10. You can’t watch TV you finish your homework.

11. they lower the price, I won’t buy that computer.

B. Complete the exercise with If or When.

1. I am late this evening, don’t wait for me.

2. I don’t see you tomorrow, I will phone you.

3. Do you mind I close the window?

4. I get up in the morning I usually drink a cup of coffee.

5. Have something to eat. you don’t eat now, you’ll be hungry later.

6. John is still at school. he leaves, he wants to go to university.

7. Be careful! you aren’t careful, you’ll fail.

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