First Conditional IF Exercise

Supply the suitable forms of the verbs in brackets.

1. If you (finish) your homework, you can go out.

2. If David (get) a good grade from his English presentation, I will take him to the movie theater.

3. If there (be) traffic, we will use the subway.

4. I will go to New York next week if I (find) a cheap ticket.

5. If you don't accept the offer, you (regret) it later.

6. If Helen apologizes to me, I (forgive) her.

7. If Deren (buy) a car, he will drive us to school.

8. We want to see the White House if we (visit) Washington.

9. If Robin (have) time on the weekend, he will come to see us.

10. If you (study) harder, you can pass the exam.

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