IF vs Unless Exercise 2

Complete the exercise with If or Unless.

1. We cannot go sailing the rain stops.

2. I won't talk to her she apologizes to me.

3. You won't be able to find the house you get help from your GPS.

4. I won't go he is going.

5. we don’t take the necessary measures now, we may have serious problems later.

6. you don't take notes you will have hard time studying later.

7. She must have graduated already, she failed a class.

8. Jason is always cheerful something really bad happens.

9. I will never forgive you you tell him the truth.

10. You are not allowed into the casino you are under 21 years old.

11. My mother will cook they decide to eat out.

12. I should be there by 11 o'clock I don't catch any traffic.

13. I should be there by 11 o'clock I catch a lot of traffic.

14. The show should start at 9:30 they changed the schedule.

15. they behave, those children are not welcome here.

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