If Conditionals Tenses

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the given verb.

1. If Kim ---- (report) the theft just after it took place, her car ---- (be) found before it was too late.

2. If I ---- (be) the president of this company, I ---- (raise) the workers' salaries first instead of spending so much on building up new facilities.

3. Should you want to be fit, you normally ---- (need) to follow a structured training program often taking place in specialized facilities such as leisure centers.

4. I am certain that If I ---- (be) in his position, I ---- (worry) about the overall health of the company instead of wasting its resources.

5. If you ---- (want) to reduce your risk of suffering from coronary heart disease, obesity or mental health problems, specialists indicate you should be physically active.

6. If it is raining and they can't go outside, watching cartoons ---- (appeal) to most children.

7. Unless more people begin to use public transportation, the quality of our air ---- (become) worse in near future.

8. If you ---- (have) any questions about the general management of the department, Bob is the best person whom you can consult.

9. If I ---- (concentrate) more on it I could understand what the text is about but There is too much noise in the room.

10. Had I not lost your address and telephone number, I ---- (notify) you of my visiting Washington and stayed at your house.

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