Second Conditional IF Exercise 2

Supply the suitable forms of the verbs in brackets.

1. If I (be) in your shoes, I would change my car.

2. If Pamela (have) a job, she would be so happy.

3. If he (speak) more clearly, I would be able to understand him.

4. What would you (do) if there was a fire at your house?

5. If drivers (obey) the traffic rules, there would be fewer accidents.

6. If Samantha (eat) healthier food, she wouldn't have to be on a diet.

7. I would (make) a delicious sandwich if you were hungry.

8. If I (know) your phone number, I would call you.

9. How would you feel if you (lose) your job?

10. If Thomas (propose) to me, I would say yes at once.

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