If Clauses Worksheet 4

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the given verb. Separate multiple answers with a coma and a space.

1. If anyone ---- (suffer) from color-blindness, he is not allowed to get driving license due to haphazard situations he may cause in roads.

2. If I ---- (make) my awn decisions to choose which university to go to, I ---- (not waste) two years going to a faculty I had never been interested in.

3. Considering technological advances so far, we can say that if man ---- (have) the determination to succeed, there is nothing he cannot achieve.

4. Only if you ---- (follow) a healthy diet with a recommended calorie amount, will you start losing weight.

5. You can get a visa to England much more easily if you ---- (claim) an invitation letter in the passport office of the British Embassy.

6. If you _keep_ (keep) quiet and try to listen for a moment, you ---- (can understand) what I intend to say.

7. Things ---- (be) totally different now from what we expected for our foundation if it weren't for the regular donation given by the charity.

8. If it ---- (not be) for your kindness to give me a hand, I ---- (not be able to) give in the project in time.

9. But for the negative effects of television on children, many people ---- (consider) it to be a means for educational purposes.

10. Nowadays, finding a job is so difficult that you ---- (can not guarantee) to be called for an interview even if you have had a master's degree.

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