Second Conditional IF Exercise 

Supply the suitable forms of the verbs in brackets.

1. If I (have) a yacht, I would sail around the world.

2. If David (be) taller, he could even play in NBA.

3. If you (be) eighteen years old, you could drive a car.

4. Would you teach me if you (know) how to ride a bike?

5. If I (see) a spider, I would scream.

6. If Andre (win) the lottery, he would buy a big house for us.

7. I would be so pleased if Jessica (come) to my party.

8. If Danny really (love) you, he wouldn't break your heart all the time.

9. Robin could lead a healthier life if she (give up) smoking.

10. If she (apologize) to me, I would forgive her.

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